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About Us

Honeypot Social is a diverse group of women each with different skillsets and levels of experience in social media marketing. Below you'll find profiles for each woman so you can get to know her and decide for yourself who would be a better fit for the social media services you're looking for and if she would be the best fit for you and your business.

Social media marketing services include: social media management, social media paid advertising, content creation, social media strategy, and social media consulting.

Our Services


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2+ years of experience in Content Creation, Blogging, Paid Social Media Advertising & Strategy, & Social Media Management.

Experience includes; boutiques, travel, online courses, events, museums, restaurants, and fitness.

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1+ years of experience in Social Media Management.

Experience includes; beauty, restaurants, travel, community, and interior design.

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1+ years of experience in Social Media Management and Influencer Marketing.

Experience includes; products, beauty, and fitness

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What people are saying about us...

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As a small agency of women passionate about social media, we care deeply about each of our clients and find genuine joy in watching their biz thrive. Having a front-row seat to the action and the ability to help boost business through thoughtful and creative social strategy is a dream for us!


Consultant & Business Owner

Devin Sizemore

“Ashley is my go-to when it comes to social media marketing and social media strategy. She has worked with clients of all sizes and in a variety of industries. This knowledge shows in her ability to identify your audience, choose the right channels, and build a message that generates the results you are looking for from your social media. Highly recommend syncing up with Ashley if you are looking for guidance on how to add social media to your marketing strategy and/or to get more out of the your current efforts”

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MidTown Reno Board Member, Owner of Conscious Business Design

Frances Weiner

"Ashley & Honeypot Social has been the missing piece to the digital marketing puzzle for MidTown. She has not only grown our audience (a ton!) but given our platforms a sense of purpose and direction. Her ability to mix strategy with creative action is so nice to have at the table! I plan on keeping Ashley & Honeypot Social close by for a long-long while!"


Founder & CEO of Good Elephant

Allie Reitz

"Good Elephant is so fortunate to have found the ladies at Honeypot Social. They have taken invaluable initiative with our social media, creating values-aligned content, engaging with the right people, and even participating in sales outreach without requiring constant direction. Honeypot goes beyond just social media - they've become part of our team and our family. As part of the Good Elephant team, Ashley's insights on all aspects of our company have made a lasting impact on our vision and development, through inspiring ideas that have brought our community closer together and created more value for our members. We're so grateful for Honeypot, and we're looking forward to years of innovative collaboration together!"


President of the MidTown Distrist Reno Board

Craig Parish

"Ashley has elevated our social media game tremendously bringing high-quality content, messaging and targeted ad communication.  She has increased our Instagram following by 589% in a few short months and increased follower touch points building relationships with potential customers and business owners of the Midtown District.”


Owner Pineapple Pedicabs

Jaime Chapman

"What a relief! Hiring Honeypot has taken so much work off my super busy schedule. Ashley, Alex and the rest of the bees are so professional and on top of the game! They worked to know my biz inside and out so I no longer need to worry about my social media and can focus on other more important things."


President, TopLine Leadership

Kevin Davis

“Ashley has done an excellent job helping our company launch our new online training program across the social media platforms.


She is very organized, creative, and has excellent writing skills.


One thing that is very important to me is accessibility. When  I have a thought and call her, she answers. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s important to me.”


Publisher, Getaway Reno/Tahoe

Todd Poth

“Ashley and Honeypot Social have been great. We had always kept out social media inhouse and I was worried we might lose some of that personal touch by going with someone else. That has definitely not happened and I have noticed interactions, engagement and new followers have been going up across all our social media platforms. I highly recommend Ashley and honeypot.

Brands we've worked with

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