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How to Effectively Respond to Comments

Responding to comments is an important part of engaging with followers and building a community. However, if you receive a lot of comments or simply feel stumped on what to say, it can feel like an overwhelming task. Here are four ways to improve your responses to make genuine connections with your audience.

Expand Your “Thank You”

While dropping a “thank you” response is easy and polite, if you have multiple kind comments your thank yous will look stale and repetitive. You can add details such as what excites you about your post, the work behind your product, how the comment made you feel, or share a compliment in return.

Ask a Question

The best way to keep a conversation going is to ask a question! Ask commenters what they are excited to try from your business, what they are looking forward to, their favorite product, or about their latest experience with your brand.

Tell a Story

Make it humorous, informative, or personal, depending on your brand. Sometimes comments might be responding to a question you left in your post, and you can respond to their answer with an anecdote of your own to build connection. However, do keep it short and sweet. Nobody is looking for a novel in the comments section.

Share More Information

If someone is loving your post, give them more information. Let them know about similar products they might like, specials you’re running, or upcoming events. If they respond with interest, that is a great opportunity to respond with a message directly linking them to a product or service!

Put these tips to work the next time you’re responding to comments, and the task will go so much smoother!

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