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TikTok Trends You'll Want to Try This Week (March 2022)

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

If you post on TikTok regularly, you know that one of the most time-consuming portions of it is finding trends to hop on. That is why we are starting our weekly blog with the hottest trends, saving you time and giving you inspiration!

Current TikTok Trends (March 22-29)

If TLC was a TikTok

Channel your dramatic energy and make a video about something that just makes you want to run away while frantically crying.

When you just miss the mark

This is for those moments when we just can't compute. Have a laugh at yourself with this one! You will need to use the "Space" effect.

When you just miss the mark part 2

For this trend, you will want to set up your phone in a location where you can appear far away for the second portion of the video. We love trends that require no lip synching!

And everybody's watching her but she's looking at...

What is something you do when you are in your own little world? This is an easy trend to fit into your niche.

Current TikTok Trends (March 15-21)


When you have to correct someone before they go any further, but in a playful way! Maybe this is a boundary you have set as a business owner or just something you do not like. This sound is very versatile.

Transition Galore Give this transition a go and show off your product, makeup skills, or impressive skill!

"How could you do this to me... question mark"

Betrayed by someone and you want to let them know? You could type out a long text message... but voice-to-text just makes it much easier.

"I wish I had a time machine"

Every business owner learns valuable lessons along the way, let others in on something you wish you knew when you first started. Couples are also using this trend to say something oh so sweet about their significant other, without any pressure to do so of course.

If "the struggle is real" was a trend

Complain away with this sound! It could be a pesky task, a habit you can't break, or a task that is just a drag for you.

Current TikTok Trends (March 8-14)

"Freddy, you're supposed to be on lockdown"

If you're on TikTok a lot, you've seen quite a few variations of this sound. In this one, you will show your frustration at something you are supposed to be doing, but just don't want to.

I like to call this one "the one second freak out"

Think of a situation where you are mentally screaming or only have one second to freak out before you have to be composed again. After your mini freak out, you will act cool as a cucumber.

"I don't get mad easily"

What's your biggest pet peeve? Once you have your answer, go make this video! It is super simple, you just have to move your shoulder as if someone has bumped into you and give your best annoyed face.

"That's a great question, let me think how I want to answer this"

When someone asks you a yes or no question, but the answer isn't that simple! This sound tends to be on the humorous side. Let your personality shine through with this trend.

"Snap girl, I think you dropped something"

This is a fun sound to showcase something that made your jaw drop. Whether you're impressed with yourself or someone else, show some love with this trend! Again, don't be afraid to use this sound multiple times.

Current TikTok Trends (March 1-7)

"Wadiyatalkinabeet?" AKA "what're you talking about?"

Use this sound when you don't understand what someone is talking about, from the point of view of your pet not understanding what you are talking about, or when you're feeling left out.

"Now this looks like a job for me"

Use this for a task you are perfect for, or if you have a business this is a great trend to introduce your products!

"What she do"

This is a sound that has made a comeback! You may remember this sound being a trend, but the twist this time is the way that the camera is being moved to reveal something. You can use this trend to reveal something people do not know about you or a secret. There are tons of ways to go with this one, scroll through the sound for some inspiration!

"Why not?"

Use this to question arbitrary rules others try to place on you. You can also use this for instances when others question life choices you've made like starting a small business, or traveling.

"I do not have time for this"

Think of instances where you have felt impatient, and then post about it! This pup here does not look very happy waiting for his owner's attention. This is a super easy and relatable trend, don't be afraid to make multiple videos using the same sound if ideas keep coming to mind.

Come back next week for an updated list of TikTok trends!

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