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2021 Ultimate Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Are you tired of searching for social media image dimensions only to discover that they are outdated or inaccurate? What about when you finally finish editing that awesome Canva template only to discover it looks great on desktop but it crops out a key part of the image or text from your design on mobile?

This can be extremely frustrating. We too have found ourselves starting with a template we like or designing a social media graphic on Photoshop, moving around elements then testing the design multiple times until finally, we get it to work on both desktop on mobile view.

After wasting too much time re-editing designs and frequently looking up social media image dimensions, we finally put together a guide to reference for ourselves. This guide has truly helped us save so much time. No more searching for the most up-to-date social media image dimensions and hours of testing and editing graphics for social media. We found this guide so helpful and such a huge timesaver we thought we would share it with you.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page… You know you’ll need it!

Facebook Size Guide

First up and probably the most frequently changing are Facebook image sizes. Facebook cover photos and Facebook event cover photos crop differently from desktop to mobile and to the app. This guide will help you clearly see what portion of the graphic will get cut off in different views.

We would also like to suggest using a 200 DPI or more on all of these designs to ensure the best quality in your final social media graphic design.

Instagram Size Guide

Thankfully Instagram image sizes have stayed the same over the last couple of years. Basically, you have the max length you can go in portrait images and a max width you can go in landscape photos. Story image sizes are the same for all other social media channels stories including Facebook and the newly added stories feature on Twitter and LinkedIn. The story image dimensions are also the same for IGTV and Reels.

Pinterest Size Guide

Next up on our list is Pinterest. Because Pinterest doesn't really have a limit on the length of a pin this one can be easy to remember. However, we don't suggest going overboard on the length of your Pin image. Below are our suggested image sizes for Pinterest, including an ideal Pinterest image size, a long pin image size, and a square pin size. We'd recommend shying away from the square image size however because they seem to get lost in the view alongside some of the longer pins.

Honeypot Social Pro Tip: Video pins are still newer and not everyone has jumped onto this new trend. Add moving elements to your graphic design or create video pins to really stand out on Pinterest.

Twitter Size Guide

Twitter can be another frustrating one when it comes to designing a cover photo. When on mobile the top of the graphic is cropped out a bit and the Twitter cover photo is just so long. And, if you haven't noticed, longer images or square images don't work on twitter. They get cropped out to fit their landscape photo deminsions. To ensure your twitter content strategy is optimized definitely follow this image size guide!

Honeypot Social Pro Tip: When you attach a video to your Tweet, Twitter doesn't crop it! This means videos with a longer length stand out when someone is browsing their Twitter feed.

LinkedIn Size Guide

If you are using LinkedIn for business, it's important to note that the cover photo on a personal LinkedIn profile has different dimensions from a cover photo on a business profile. The profile image on a LinkedIn business page also displays square versus circular like every other social media channel. If you have designed a profile image to compliment the circle, you are going to have to change that design up in your LinkedIn business profile image.

Similar to Twitter, LinkedIn crops your images to fit their landscape image dimensions. Therefore, those square graphics and portrait graphics won't display nicely within the LinkedIn feed.

YouTube Size Guide

Yet again another cover photo, or what YouTube refers to as channel art, that crops differently from desktop to mobile. On the plus side, YouTube doesn't change up the video size! You really only have three image sizes on YouTube to remember: the profile image, channel art, and video size or YouTube Thumbnail image size.

TikTok and Snapchat Size Guide

As TikTok rises to popularity many marketers are encouraging businesses to jump on the platform and create entertaining short video content. Instagram was quick to jump on the trend of short video content paired with catchy songs as well by creating their own version called Instagram reels. Between the rise of TikTok and Instagram reels, if you're not already creating entertaining short videos now is the time to jump on the trend! Find what works for you and your business and start creating using the dimensions below.

Honeypot Social Pro Tip: If you're already creating Instagram stories, try sharing that content to Snapchat. Similarly, if you're already creating TikTok videos try sharing those to Instagram Reels or vice versa.

Our 2021 social media size guide has come to an end. These are all the image sizes you'll need for the most popular social media channels. If you found this guide helpful or maybe we missed a social media image size, either way, we'd love to hear your feedback. We create these blog posts based on real questions or needs we've run into along the way. If there's a burning question you have in regards to social media, we'd love to hear it and share our thoughts in our next blog post.

Don't forget to bookmark this page to reference. Best of luck creating all that wonderful content for your social media audience!

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