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In a time where social media is dominating, we found it hard to watch too many small businesses making simple mistakes or simply not using social media to maximize on their reach and brand awareness. With so many resources and people claiming to be social media marketing professionals it's hard to find one you trust or you know will get you results. To us social media goes far beyond capturing pretty pictures and throwing them up on social media with a quirky caption. Strategy is key.

At Honeypot Social we offer strategic and creative social media management services customized to your business needs and goals. In addition to our services, we also provide a totally FREE resource for you to reference as you navigate the complex hive of social media marketing.

We believe social media shouldn't be an after thought or an additional stressor when it comes to your marketing strategy. We help #MakeSocialMediaSweet for clients by taking on the challenging day-to-day work of managing your social media channels so you can sit back and enjoy the "sweet" rewards of good social media marketing. We focus on social media mangement, social media strategy, social media advertising, and content strategy. Learn more about our services, HERE.





Social Media Queen

Puppies, fashion and creative social media marketing are all things I love!  I've been working in digital marketing for over 5 years now and loving every second of hustling in this challenging industry. As we all know technology is constantly changing and evolving and with that so is social media! I find it exciting and interesting exploring new and creative ways to keep up.

As a creative, my mind is constantly working and thinking of new ideas... Sometimes it never shuts off!  But you can rest assured knowing that I am researching and learning new strategies for each of our clients constantly.  From content creation, social media ad strategies, storytelling and more, I am on top of the current social media trends as well as the tried and true methods.

Get in touch with Honeypot and let's work on something amazing!


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Social Media Queen

After studying marketing at the University of Nevada, I dove straight into the industry post-grad and have loved every second since!  As a social queen, I work closely with our clients and the Honeypot team to construct and execute social media campaigns. No two clients, projects, or businesses are the same, and that's what I love most about my job! 

Every day poses a new opportunity to brainstorm ideas and fresh content that will create a strong online presence for your company. From email campaigns, social media, engagement, & everything in between, I'm your girl!

When I'm not at the babe cave grinding away on my laptop, you can find me in the mountains on my snowboard, eating at the newest taco joint in town, or in search of the best bloody mary. Have any recommendations for tacos or bloodys?


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Social Media Queen

Marketing, brands, business development and events are what fuels this vibrant sparkly gal! I moved to Washington D.C. after college to work as the Marketing & Events Manager and worked on multiple health campaigns with large companies to bridge the gap between technologies & behavior change. After getting all the fun of living on the East Coast, I moved to Nashville to work in Growth & Development to help collegiate women.  As a Reno, Nevada native, I am excited to work as a Queen Bee to help our local community expand their brands and marketing platforms. 


Every new project allows me to bring together my years of experience and work closely with our clients to help your brand and digital marketing become more competitive. I am confident that your company will have your big picture idea come to life!


I love meeting new people when I am out and about, either exploring new trails, restaurants and even happy hour. I am obsessed with pink and sparkles, so if you see me out and about, don't be a stranger!




Social Media Queen

Abbey's first love is blogging and close second is social media. She loves her coffee black and is always on the lookout for the best local donut shop. When it comes to bright, clean photography and a perfectly curated Instagram feed she's your girl!




Social Media Queen

Alex is our newest Queen Bee and has proven to be a great addition to our hive! We're excited to welcome another smart and creative woman to our team.