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About Us

Honeypot Social is dedicated to delivering intentional social media marketing services through a combination of strategy and creativity.

About Us

At Honeypot Social we're all about adding a little sweetness to your social media! Our strategic and creative social media marketing services are customized to our client's needs and goals. These social media services include account management, audits and strategy, paid advertising, consulting, templates, resources, and workshops.

We offer social media management packages made for YOU and your unique business and goals. No cookie-cutter approach here! We take the sting out of social media management by doing most of the heavy lifting so you can get back to doing more of what you love.

Managing your brand's social media shouldn't be a burden or another full-time job. With one-on-one guidance, a custom strategy, and the right tools in place, we'll help you take control of your social media so you can start crushing your goals!

Data-Driven Insights

We love to get a bit nerdy when it comes to the analytics! Our data-driven approach allows us to continuously evaluate the performance of your social media campaigns. We monitor the metrics that matter most, providing you with a clear picture of your ROI and actionable insights to fine-tune your strategy.

Meet Your Social Media Team


Ashley Polan


Ashley founded Honeypot Social in 2020 after 5+ years of experience indigital marketing and social media. Her full-circle understanding of marketing, paired with her background in design adds a unique and creative touch to our approach.


Alex Caceres

Social Media Strategist

Meet Alex, our Social Media Strategist. With years of experience, a passion for all things social, an analytical mindset, and an eye for emerging trends, Alex ensures your brand shines. Combining data-driven strategies with creativity, Alex is dedicated to achieving your social media goals.


Emma Hughes

Social Media Manager

Emma has 3+ years of experience in Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing, and Content Creation. From products to beauty, boutiques, weddings, personal brands, and fitness, Emma has successfully navigated a range of niches. With an eye for crafting beautiful content and managing influencer partnerships, Emma ensures your brand resonates and thrives on social media.


Haleigh Jividen

Social Media Manager

With 4+ years of expertise in Social Media Management, Content Creation, and Blogging, Haleigh has an incredible eye for detail. Her portfolio includes restaurants, real estate, philanthropy, sports, art museums, and wellness, reflecting her array of skills and passion for a variety of industries.


Alyssa Doyle

Social Media Coordinator

Alyssa is our social media coordinator who recently graduated from UNR with a degree in journalism. As a former cheerleader, she brings energy, creativity, and a team-oriented mindset to every project!

Meet Our Founder


Circa 2015 (7 years ago!) I began my social media marketing journey working in a corporate marketing position and a large Resort Casino. This was back when social media was just taking off and businesses were beginning to realize they needed to have a strong presence. This was a great learning stage for me as I developed a strategy for them, got to test out many ideas, found my eye for creating creative content, and spent more time than I would like to admit on engagement and growing their accounts.


Since then, I went on to work as a Marketing Manager for another large hotel in the area for another couple of years. While there, I was being approached by other businesses in the area seeking my expertise, and after some time working on these different accounts I decided to take the leap to freelance.

After a year of freelancing, I found I was growing rapidly so I hired my first employee and officially started Honeypot Social in 2020. Since beginning this journey, I have had the opportunity to work with over 30 clients, industries ranging from boutiques and restaurants to country clubs and full-on city districts, and our team has grown to 6 incredible women (including myself)!

I've since learned A LOT along the way. I've learned a lot about what does and doesn't work when it comes to social media marketing, I've had my share of wins and losses, I have encountered challenges growing and building a thriving culture... but most importantly all of that experience has led me right here, talking to you! Something must have led you here as well. For that, I am grateful our paths have crossed!

xo, Ash

Meet Our Founder

What people are saying about us

"Honeypot Social is AWESOME! Not only are they FABULOUS to work with, but our social media program is also producing great results and continues to push new limits. They are creative and dedicated. They also keep you on track with solid input. If you want proven results and a great team to work with, hire them immediately. 5 stars!"

CEO Localoc

David Silva


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