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Our social media marketing services include social media management, paid advertising, consulting, audits, and strategy.


Social Media Management Packages

Is social media taking time away from other important areas of your biz or creeping into family time? Are you no longer seeing results from your efforts? Or, maybe you're tired of creating content day after day with little direction... If the answer is 'Yes' it may be time to delegate the management of your social media accounts!

At Honeypot Social, offer 3 social media management packages customized to your biz and goals. No two businesses are the same which is why we approach each account differently and with its own customized strategy. Contact us to learn more about our social media management packages and how we can help you.

Social Audit

The first thing we do when we take over a new account is do a full audit to ensure your pages are set up properly and optimized for your goals. This process also includes a deep dive into past efforts.

Content Calendars

We prepare and send detailed content calendars for review either every other week or monthly. This way we are up-to-date on the latest trends and you have peace of mind seeing exactly what will be shared before it's posted.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Second, we prepare a comprehensive social media marketing strategy for you biz. This ensures we have a deep understanding of you brand, industry, target audience and more.


Our team will ensure prompt responses to any comments or messages as well as actively engage with your target audience to expand your brand's reach.


We are experienced in just about every social platforms; Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and YouTube.


How do you know all this is working? We'll provide detailed monthly reports to track the performance and make any necessary adjustments to our strategy based on our findings.


Our team is experienced in graphic design, video editing for Reels, TikTok, and YT Shorts, and UGC-style photography. Our packages also come with professional photography.

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6 Weeks to Sweeter Social Consulting

Over the course of 6-weeks, I will work with you one-on-one to establish a social media marketing strategy for your unique business and personal goals. Along the way, I will provide you with tips and tools to help make managing your account just a bit sweeter! Managing your brand's social media shouldn't be a burden or another full-time job. With this blueprint and the right tools in place, I'll help you take control of your social media so you can start crushing your goals!

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Week 3

Deep dive into competitors + audience

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Week 4

Content strategy + photo/video workshop

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Week 5

Engagement strategy + setting goals

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Week 6

Final strategy summary + 6 month roadmap

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Week 2

Audit + page optimization

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Week 1

Discovery meeting

A deeper dive into each week...


During the initial discovery meeting I will ask you a series of questions to help determine the lesson plan and focus of all each following meeting. My goal is to understand more about your business goals and personal goals so we can develop a social strategy that fits your lifestyle but will still help you achieve your desired goals


Going into the second week I will have done a full audit of all your social media pages and we will discuss changes that should be made to ensure your pages are optimized, such as edits to bios, updating auto responses, and more.


By the 3rd week we will do a deep dive into your competitors and your audience. The goal here is to uncover things that are and aren't working for you competitors and to develop a deeper understanding your audience and the content they would like to see.


This week will be all about content! Based on what we learned in the previous week we'll start working on our content pillars develop a content calendar, best practices, video and photo tips and tricks, Reels and TikTok, DIY graphic design, and more.


Week 5 is where engagement and goals come in. We'll develop and engagement strategy that fits into your busy lifestyle so when you login to your social media accounts your super focused and don't find yourself aimlessly scrolling for hours. Then finally, we'll set clear and realistic goals for you so you're sure your efforts are working!


On our final week I'll present you with your completed strategy and provide you with your own custom 6-month roadmap to reference.

Let's stay connected!

Once the 6 weeks are up, I'll still be here to support you as you start getting your hands sticky. I know more questions will come up as you begin executing your new strategy. I will be here to help!

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Quarterly Check-ins

After you've completed the 6-week program, we'll have 2 quarterly check-ins - one halfway through your 6-month roadmap and 1 at the end of your roadmap. These will be 1-hour check-ins to ensure you are staying on track, hold you accountable, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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My Inbox is Open

Feel free to email me anytime with ANY questions - I want to be sure you are set up for success and help whenever I can. I understand social media is everchanging and I want to be able to help you stay ahead of the trends and any new developments so you can continue to find success online.


Social Media Audit

We'll take a look at your current strategy, pull detailed reports, provide valuable feedback and data, and a checklist you can reference to optimize your pages for success.

Performing audits on your social media pages is critical in ensuring that all of your pages are optimized based on your goals. It's also helpful to really understand what is and isn't working, beyond what you 'think' is or isn't, and where you can adjust. We'll put together reports outlining the past year (or longer!) and do an analysis that is easy to digest so you have a clear understanding of what changes need to be made.  With frequent changes to the different social media platforms, inviting someone to do an analysis that is outside of your organization can be helpful to avoid any bias. It's easy to get stuck in a routine that is comfortable and find yourself at a plateau! We want to make sure you are using all the latest tools and are up-to-date on the latest trends so you don't fall behind.

Social Media Strategy

We'll provide you with the blueprint you need to take your social media marketing to the next level.

If you're feeling frustrated with social media and you just don't understand why you're not growing or seeing results even after posting consistently, trying out those dancing TikTok trends, or spending countless hours on engagement... THIS IS FOR YOU!  Develop a deep understanding of your target audience and the content you should create to attract them, where to find them, and how to engage with them. Say goodbye to the "let's throw it all at the wall and see what sticks" method and let us help develop a strategy that works for you and your business.

What we include in a social media marketing strategy:

  • Branding - Clear brand guidelines and understanding of how it applies to social media.

  • Competitor Analysis - What they're doing, what seems to be working for them, and what doesn't.

  • Audience Analysis - Understand your customers and target audience better.

  • Content Strategy - Focus on creating content that actually works for your business.

  • Engagement Strategy - Hashtags, keywords, and finding consistency.

  • Goals - Goals to track whether or not your efforts are working or not.

Every Social Media Marketing Strategy also includes an Audit. The information we uncover from past content through an audit is valuable to the Strategy.


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