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Let's create buzz together! Honeypot Social is the hive of all things social media marketing.

Custom Strategies


We get it – your hive is as unique as you are!  That's why we don't offer cookie-cutter strategies here. We're all about crafting personalized plans that match YOUR vibe. From creating buzz-worthy content to keeping your presence consistent, we're here to make your brand shine.

Attracting Your Hive

At Honeypot Social we understand it's more than just posting and adding a few extra followers. We're all about creating a narrative that resonates with your brand's personality and attracts the RIGHT people. Our goal is to understand your audience on a deeper level so we can attract people who are genuinely interested in your offer.

We Love Ourselves Some Data

We're not afraid to dive into the data because we're just as comfortable with numbers as we are with creativity. Our approach involves keeping a close eye on the performance of your social media campaigns, focusing on the metrics that truly matter. We're here to give you the lowdown on your ROI and provide actionable insights to fine-tune your strategy.

Let's Make Something Sweet

At Honeypot Social, we're committed to serving up results, creating a buzz, and forming bonds with your online hive. Contact us today, and let's work together to create a social media strategy that not only keeps you ahead of the game but also makes a lasting impact.

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Custom Social Media Management Packages

Are you finding it challenging to dedicate time to crucial business decisions due to social media? Or is social media cutting into those precious family moments?  If your efforts are falling flat and the constant content hustle has you running on empty, it's time for a change!

Enter Honeypot Social, where we offer social media management packages made for YOU and your unique business and goals. No cookie-cutter approach here! We take the sting out of social media management by doing most of the heavy lifting so you can get back to doing more of what you love.

Introducing "Six Weeks to Sweeter Social" Consulting!

If you're tired of the "throw it all at the wall and see what sticks" approach and you want to be more thoughtful about your social marketing efforts, this is for you!

Dive into "Six Weeks to Sweet Social" Consulting, where we're all about helping you build a personalized social media marketing strategy that's customized to your brand and perfectly aligned with your business goals. Let's create some sweet social magic together!

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What people are saying about us

Honeypot Social is AWESOME! Not only are they FABULOUS to work with, but our social media program is also producing great results and continues to push new limits. They are creative and dedicated. They also keep you on track with solid input. If you want proven results and a great team to work with, hire them immediately. 5 stars!

CEO Localoc

David Silva


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