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Social Media Management

Are you finding it challenging to dedicate time to crucial business decisions due to social media? Or is social media cutting into those precious family moments?  If your efforts are falling flat and the constant content hustle has you running on empty, it's time for a change!

Enter Honeypot Social, where we offer social media management packages made for YOU and your unique business and goals. No cookie-cutter approach here! We take the sting out of social media management by doing most of the heavy lifting so you can get back to doing more of what you love.

What we do

Social Audit

The first thing we do when we take over a new account is do a full audit to ensure your pages are set up properly and optimized for your goals. This process also includes a deep dive into past efforts.

Content Calendars

We prepare and send detailed content calendars for review either every other week or monthly. This way we are up-to-date on the latest trends and you have peace of mind seeing exactly what will be shared before it's posted.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Second, we prepare a comprehensive social media marketing strategy for you biz. This ensures we have a deep understanding of you brand, industry, target audience and more.


We commit to providing timely responses to all comments and messages, actively participating in conversations with your intended audience to extend the reach of your brand.


We are experienced in just about every social platform; Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.


Our team can help with influencer outreach, coordination, and tracking. We connect you with industry-leading influencers, handle all the logistics, and meticulously track performance to ensure your brand's message is amplified effectively and efficiently.


Our team is experienced in graphic design, video editing for Reels, TikTok, and YT Shorts, and UGC-style photography. We also collaborate with other creative professionals, including photographers and videographers, to bring your brand vision to life online.


How do you know all this is working? We ensure transparency and accountability through our provision of comprehensive monthly reports. These reports allow us to closely monitor performance and make any essential adjustments to our strategy.

Ready to get started? Here's how it works


01. Contact Us

Now that you've gotten a feel for the services we offer and you're ready to take the next step (yay!), fill out our form under 'Contact Us'.


02. Discovery Call

After we recieve your inquiry, we'll reach out to you via email about setting up a 30-minute Discovery Call. This will help us gain a complete understanding of what your goals, what you're hoping to achieve by working with us, and to see if we're a good fit.


03. Proposal

With a better understand of your business and goals, we'll curate and send you a custom proposal tailored to you. After you give us the go ahead, we'll share an agreement, your first invoice, and then begin the onboarding process!

Meet Your Social Media Team


Ashley Polan


Ashley founded Honeypot Social in 2020 after 5+ years of experience indigital marketing and social media. Her full-circle understanding of marketing, paired with her background in design adds a unique and creative touch to our approach.


Alex Caceres

Social Media Strategist

Meet Alex, our Social Media Strategist. With years of experience, a passion for all things social, an analytical mindset, and an eye for emerging trends, Alex ensures your brand shines. Combining data-driven strategies with creativity, Alex is dedicated to achieving your social media goals.


Emma Hughes

Social Media Manager

Emma has 3+ years of experience in Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing, and Content Creation. From products to beauty, boutiques, weddings, personal brands, and fitness, Emma has successfully navigated a range of niches. With an eye for crafting beautiful content and managing influencer partnerships, Emma ensures your brand resonates and thrives on social media.


Haleigh Jividen

Social Media Manager

With 4+ years of expertise in Social Media Management, Content Creation, and Blogging, Haleigh has an incredible eye for detail. Her portfolio includes restaurants, real estate, philanthropy, sports, art museums, and wellness, reflecting her array of skills and passion for a variety of industries.


Alyssa Doyle

Social Media Coordinator

Alyssa is our social media coordinator who recently graduated from UNR with a degree in journalism. As a former cheerleader, she brings energy, creativity, and a team-oriented mindset to every project!

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