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Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Giveaway

Updated: May 27

Tired of the usual follow, like, comment, tag formula for Instagram giveaways? Here are seven creative and different ways to run a giveaway to shake things up!

Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Giveaway

1. Collaborate

Partner with another brand or brands in your industry for a mega giveaway! Each participating brand contributes one prize item with the winner taking home all the prizes. With Instagram's post collaboration feature it is a fantastic way to introduce your brand to a new and similar audience. 

You can also collaborate with an influencer for your giveaway. Make sure this influencer’s audience aligns with your product, and again use the post collaboration feature to expand your reach.

2. Encourage User-Generated Content

People are generally picky about what they are posting to their own profile, so your prize will need to be very high value for this kind of contest. Successful prize examples I have seen are a $100 gift card to a bakery, rolls of expensive camera film, and all the nail polish from a brand’s new collection.

Ask your followers to take a picture at your business, of them enjoying your product, or similarly promoting your brand and post. You can require them to tag you and use a certain branded hashtag. Make sure to stipulate in the rules that by entering they are giving you permission to use their content in future posts.

3. Best Comment Wins

This one has a wide variety of possibilities. Invite your followers to caption a photo, tell a joke based on a theme you pick, write a haiku, or something else that encourages creative comments. Keep in mind the bigger the ask, the better the prize should be, so followers don’t scroll by. Any giveaway needs to be worth the time it takes to enter.

You can either have your team select the best comment or stipulate that the comment with the most likes wins!

4. Trivia

Ask a trivia question in your post and select from those who commented with the correct answer. The trivia should be based on your brand, niche, or product being given away. You could provide a multiple-choice selection in your post or simply let followers test their knowledge.

5. Guessing Game

Similar to trivia, this requires followers to correctly guess the name of a new product based on a series of hints. You could keep this as a single post or extend it for a few days as part of a new product launch campaign. Everyone who guesses correctly received the new product, or you can select one winner out of the correct answers. 

6. Let your audience choose the prize.

This is a fun way to connect with your followers and give them a feeling of involvement and connection to your brand! I would suggest giving a short list of product options and letting followers vote on which one should be given away with an Instagram poll post. Then you can follow up with the usual like/follow/comment giveaway post.

As a bonus, this will also give you insight into which of your products your customers really love and help you strategize what to promote in the future.

7. Stories-only giveaway.

A quick giveaway! Increase your story engagement with a simple giveaway where followers enter by interacting with stickers. This could be a poll, tap button, quiz, or slider. A poll could be utilized to help you understand your audience’s wants, ask them a strategic marketing question with a small giveaway to incentivize answering. 

This kind of giveaway could be advertised in your feed encouraging followers to check out your story that day for a giveaway, or just keep it to your stories!

Which of these giveaway ideas will you try? Let us know in the comments!

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