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Goodbye IGTV... Hello Instagram Video! What does this change mean for video content on Instagram?

Did you hear the news? IGTV is gone! I logged into one of my Instagram accounts today to upload a IGTV video and was confused when the option had disappeared. It looks like Instagram has decided to get rid of the IGTV name for good! So what happens now that IGTV is gone? Well, say hello to Instagram Video!

With the popularity of short-form video content due to the rise of TikTok, Instagram is trying to steer away from being a “photo-sharing” app and transition into more “video-sharing”.

If you go onto your Instagram page, you will see that the IGTV tab is gone and it is now a ‘play’ icon that houses all your in-feed videos, Instagram Lives and IGTV videos in one spot. When you are scrolling on your feed and you come across a video, you just have to simply tap and the video will go full-screen. Realistically this change doesn’t affect us as an audience too much but it is good to note if you were previously using IGTV on your accounts. If you are still looking to upload “IGTV’s”, the process for the most part remains the same. Now you will click on the plus sign in the top-right corner of Instagram and select “Video” instead.

You might be wondering though, what about reels?! Reels rolled out earlier this year and they are still one of the more prioritized features on the app. For now, reels will remain separate from Instagram Video and will live in their own location on the app. I don’t see this changing anytime soon because short-form video content is only getting more and more popular. Instagram Video serves more as an option to users to upload longer form videos on the app that exceed the one minute mark.

Overall, Instagram Video is a way for the app to streamline their process for long-form video content on their app. What do you think about this change? Were you a fan of IGTV or did you even notice the change? Let us know in the comments below!

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