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A Guide to Engagement on Instagram

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Out of all social media platforms, Instagram tends to be the easiest platform to engage on. However, there is a strategy for Instagram engagement just like with any other platform. Today I will be teaching you some tips and tricks to boost your engagement results.

Have Real Conversations with Your Audience

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the key is actually to engage with your target audience. You should be responding to as many comments and DMs as possible. People take time to comment on your posts and you should reward them by replying. Now sometimes people will just comment emojis and those can be difficult to respond back to, but this is where the 'like' feature comes into play. If you can’t reply to a comment you should at least like it so they know you saw it.

All questions should be answered; if you look at larger brands they will respond to essentially every question in their comment section because this shows as a brand you care about your audience and their concerns. Any DMs you get should also be responded to. There are a lot of people who won’t publicly ask questions so they’ll DM them instead. A lot of these questions will be in your requests so it’s important to look through those and find the questions that aren’t sent by a bot. It’s just as important to respond to private questions as it is to respond to public questions.

Repost Tagged Stories or Posts

A cool feature for Instagram is the story feature which allows you to repost pictures and videos you’ve been tagged in. Story reposts are a great way to take advantage of User Generated Content (UGC). People also love having their posts reposted! I know a lot of my friends talk about big brands reposting their content all the time. It shows the target audience they’re special and the brand cares about them. When reposting stories don’t just repost them as is; you should add stickers or say something that relates to the story. This is definitely an above-and-beyond step, but it is worth it.

Utilize the Collaboration Feature

Ok now let’s talk about maybe the best Instagram feature for engagement…the collaboration feature! This feature is a serious game changer. When you get the chance to collab you should take advantage of it because this allows you to reach a whole new audience, and if you’re collabing the chances of their audience also being in your target audience are pretty high. Of course, don’t abuse this feature, not every post needs to be a collaboration, but if it applies you should utilize it.

Include Reels in Your Content Strategy

Recently reels have been widely successful on Instagram so you should definitely be including reels in your content strategy. Experiment with these as well, play around with sounds, voice-overs, trends, transitions, etc. Your audience will let you know what works best if you study how it performs. If possible you should keep as little detail in the reel as possible, you want people to go to the caption to get information. This will keep them around and can help increase reel views.

Encourage Engagement through Your Captions and Giveaways

When writing captions try to start with a clever lead-in, you can have longer captions, but if you can’t get their attention in the first place they won’t read it. Hosting giveaways also tend to get a high engagement rate because most giveaways will take advantage of collaboration. You should also be using niche hashtags that apply to both your brand and your target audience.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re engaging!

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