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Engagement 101

Social media isn’t just about posting pictures and videos anymore. A huge part of social media marketing is engaging with your clients, followers, and customers. But what exactly is engagement? Social media engagement is measuring how many and how often people interact with content and social media accounts. This includes likes, comments, shares, DMs, and reposts and varies based on what platform is used.

How to engage can be the trickiest part of social media marketing since the algorithm is always changing and adapting to new trends. Here are some tips and tricks to help you increase engagement.

Know Your Target Audience

While having a big following does help with engagement, really knowing your audience is most important. Your target audience will set the tone for how you interact with followers. For example, you wouldn’t speak the same way to your friends as you would to your boss; tailoring your tone and voice based on who your target audience is is a major component in having an engaged following. Once you understand your target audience you can then determine which platforms you should post on, the best times to post, and the type of content that will perform best.

Once your target audience is established you can create content tailored to engaging with them. This can be done by asking questions where followers will comment answers, holding contests and giveaways, testing their knowledge of the product, and offering custom stickers or filters to name a few. During this process, it’s important to experiment until you find what works best for your target audience. Keep trying until you get it right! Make sure to interact with your audience in private ways as well; respond to DMs, repost stories, and posts. The more you engage with your audience the more they’ll want to engage with you.

Stay On Top Of Trends

Sometimes the content that performs the best is the content that millions of other brands are also putting out. It’s important to stay on top of trends and pop culture events; if there is a way to connect your brand or product to one you should take advantage. Of course, keep an eye out for anything controversial that could shed a negative light on your brand. Trends are supposed to be fun and engaging.

Another way to get your content on new feeds is by following hashtags. Social media platforms make it easy for people to follow and stay up to date with topics that interest them by following hashtags. Adding related hashtags to your posts can help you engage with new people in your target audience that possibly haven’t interacted with your brand before.

Keep Content Exciting

Each platform has different algorithms and what performs well on one may not necessarily perform well on another. Make sure you tailor your content to perform well on each platform and also keep your content exciting. You can do this by editing photos before you post them to make them fit with your feed aesthetic and if you’re making reels and tik toks make sure you use fun, trending sounds that go with the content and add fun transitions. You only have a couple of seconds to grab someone’s attention before they keep scrolling so make sure you’re engaging with them long enough for them to stick around.

When followers are excited by the content being put out they’ll be more likely to share the content on their stories, platforms, or with friends which can build your following and engagement numbers.

Create An Engagement Strategy

It’s important to create a strategy or outline when doing anything with social media marketing. It helps keep you on track and allows everyone to know what the next steps are. Creating an engagement strategy is important because it allows you to track what content worked, what didn’t, what you still need to try, and more. This is especially helpful when you’re working with a team. Laying out your engagement plan will keep everyone on the same page and allow you to grow your brand and page.

The biggest part of social media engagement is being consistent. You need to stay consistent with your tone, voice, and content. Experimenting with different trends and content styles is important, but don’t let it take away from the overall brand you’ve already established. Your followers came because of your brand, make them stay with your engagement tactics.


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