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Fall Content Ideas

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Fall is quickly approaching and with that should come a change in your social media content! Fall offers a ton of fresh seasonal content you can create for your brand/business. If you’re in need of some ideas on which direction to take your content this season, I’ve got you!

Fall Giveaway

There’s nothing like a giveaway to get people excited for the new season! Themed, seasonal giveaways are fun because you can really go all out. Have fun with it. Incorporate Autumn colors, fall-themed items, etc. Not only will a giveaway get your followers to engage with you but, it allows a whole new audience to follow and engage with your content. My tip to have in the rules of the giveaway is to make sure that you have the contestants tag at least 3 people in the comment section. This way, the 3 people they tag will be inclined to enter as well!

Update Your Content

As the seasons change, so should your Instagram feed! This is a great time to add some seasonal photos and colors to your posts. That way when people look at your profile, the change with the seasons is evident! As simple as it seems, this can show that your business is up-to-date and relevant on social media. Go the extra mile and change your profile picture to a fall theme (it should obviously still represent your business). If you’re on Facebook, change your cover photo and profile picture there too!

Create Fall Themed Inspo/Mood Boards

One thing’s for sure, people love a good mood board, especially with the new season. Everyone’s looking for inspo! It’s a great opportunity to center it around a product or service you sell. Keep it aesthetic and saveable. The perfect place to post this is on Pinterest. People specifically go to that app for inspiration and to scroll through a curated feed of their favorite things. Make multiple with different aesthetics to reach as many audiences as possible!

Follow Fall Trends

Trends are everywhere, especially on Instagram reels and TikTok! Stay up to date on what's trending and post away! Scope out trending audios and create videos that show off your business/product. With the fall season comes Halloween. I’ve noticed every year on TikTok and Instagram reels, there’s some sort of trending, spooky audio that people put to their videos. It really sets the tone!

Do a Fall Themed Poll

Most people on social media love to share their opinions. What better way to let people share them than with polls? The perfect place to post these are on Instagram stories. Take advantage of Instagram's features. Tips to get people to participate in your polls; Make them eye-catching with aesthetic photos! Keep it familiar. Nostalgia is huge when it comes to the Holidays and the change of seasons. You could do a series of polls on “favorite fall activities” that’ll remind people of their childhood and fall traditions! My other tip is to keep it specific and detailed. You don’t want it to feel like every other poll they’ve participated in on Instagram.

I can’t wait for you to try out these fall content ideas this upcoming season to spice up your social media!

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