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Fancy Fonts may be Killing Your Reach on Social Media

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

If you're using fancy fonts in your bios and/or your social media captions, you could be killing your reach on those platforms.

Let's break it down

Fancy fonts are basically just a bunch of "emojis" and emojis don't show up in search. So, if your Instagram name or any key words or phrases (such as your services or location) are displayed in any of those fancy fonts, I recommend you change those out.

For people who rely on screen readers, these fonts often don't translate. In some industries, this could even be considered an ADA non-compliance issue.

Lastly, those fancy fonts can be hard to read! Especially if your entire caption is in a scripted or old english style font, most people will move right on past it. It takes our eyes a bit longer to process and read these fonts, and we already all have a short attention span when it comes to social media!

The same goes for adding spaces, dots, dashes... or anything between each letter of a word as well. Those keywords won't show up in search when displayed like this.

Places where you can use fancy fonts

If you LOVE your fancy fonts and you're not quite ready to part with them, here is what I suggest:

  • Change out a couple of words in your bio to your favorite fonts (not a whole sentence and definitely not your entire bio). BUT, make sure these words aren't important keywords that someone may use in a search for your particular niche. Important keywords may be your location, a specific product, or a service you offer.

In summary, I wouldn't mess around with fancy fonts. Who has time to copy and paste their captions into fancy font generators every time, anyway?! instead, focus on showing off your brand's personality through emojis and words.

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