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Finding Fresh and Meaningful Content for Each Audience

One of the biggest challenges of being a social media manager is being fresh and relatable to your audiences. This is especially applicable with our company, Honeypot Social because we are writing for a lot of different people. We must know the voice we are trying to portray very well because we are essentially acting like them as we post content.

Before becoming a social media manager, I was strictly a consumer of media. I would post occasionally on my own personal social media accounts, but this was a lot easier because I was able to be myself and show my voice in every post, caption, and comment. While consuming different types of content that those who I followed posted, I was very picky. I would catch myself unfollowing accounts strictly because they were posting a lot of the same content week after week.

Now, being on the other side where I am constantly worried about posting new and exciting content to gain the best engagement, I realized how difficult this truly is. Followers are waiting for the fresh new ideas to be posted, and it is our job to provide them with this.

The question is how? How do we come up with consistently fresh content? In this blog, I will explain some tips. Tips that have helped me so far at least…

No matter the company or person you may be managing social media for, they all are in need of some brand awareness and have an ultimate goal to reach more people.

I have found that an easy way to do this is to post weekly or monthly posts of the same thing. I know this sounds quite contradicting from what I just explained above, but what I mean is to post something that your followers look forward to. This could be introducing a staff member, introducing a client or customer, hosting an Instagram takeover, and even an “ask me anything” post that occurs repeatedly. Though these are the same type of posts, they are still featuring new people and new things. This keeps ideas fresh and interesting.

Let's break this down. The first few tips involve people being posted. I have found that this is very simple but across the board extremely successful. Let's be honest with ourselves, we like to be posted. Whether it be by our friends, significant others, and especially an account we follow because we enjoy their content. Involving posts featuring clients, customers, and even staff will boost engagement and give followers something to look forward to.

Let’s dive deeper into Instagram takeovers and AMA’s (ask me anything). Instagram's takeovers are very useful because it is not only featuring someone who most likely knows a lot about the brand, but it also provides the audience with a fresh perspective. AMA’s are also extremely beneficial. Being able to swipe up on a story with a question we may have and to get it answered in a timely manner is very important and pushes for engagement.

These are just a few tactics that I have seen work in my life as not only a social media manager but also as a consumer and follower myself. I am new at this and am so eager to learn more tips and tricks of this amazingly interesting and fast-moving career.

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