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Get Creative with Instagram Polls

“Would you rather see more behind the scenes videos or more tips and tricks videos?”

Using polls on Instagram stories is a great way to empower your audience. Your followers want to see your content for a reason, and by asking them what they want to see on your page, you ensure you are continuing to make the content they want to see.

One of the benefits of using polls is that it increases your engagement. Clicking one of the options on a poll is simple, making it likely that viewers will participate. The more simple the interaction, the better. If you ask followers to leave a comment with their thoughts, they are far less likely to participate.

You don’t have to guess what your audience wants to see or what consumers are interested in purchasing. If you are considering two possible products, let your audience weigh in on it. The makeup brand Colourpop regularly creates polls with their products, which helps them decide which products they will continue to sell.

When TikTok videos recommending a product gain traction, the product typically sells out. Why is this? The answer is social proof. It is human nature to look for acceptance from others and follow what others are doing. When it comes to polls, users can comfortably share their opinions, without others seeing it and at the same time find out what the overall consensus is.

Many use social media as an escape from daily stress. You can create fun polls that are on-brand with your company.

Do you own a clothing boutique? Here are some poll ideas:

Throwback fashion trends:

  • Which trends did you participate in?

  • Which trends do you think will come back?

  • Which trend would you wear again?

Do you own a plant store? Here are some poll ideas (this or that):

  • What kind of “plant parent” are you?

  • Which plant-related meme is your favorite?

  • Which plant would you rather have?

We hope this blog inspires you to get creative with your Instagram polls! Remember, social media is all about testing. If you do not see as many responses as you were hoping for, try a different approach. Now get to asking those questions! :)

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