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Going Live in 3..2..1.. Livestreaming is the perfect gateway to interact with your audience!

Did you know that Livestreaming content on your social media platforms is a way to grow and connect with your community? It might seem silly or nerve-racking getting in front of the camera to live stream rather than making a rehearsed reel or video, but this is what user engagement and personal connection can provide on a human level.

Livestreaming is great for delivering breaking news, sharing excitement for a live event, and doing big reveals. Live videos show up on your user’s streams in different ways than posting a video to your content feed. For example, Instagram Live will notify your followers that you are streaming and allows them to interact with you in real-time.

Okay so now I know why to Livestream, how do I make it happen? Here are 5 tips for doing a live stream.

Tip 1. Hopping on Livestream may feel unrehearsed, but it is important to have a plan. What are you going to talk about? How are you going to engage with your audience? Is this going to be an educational moment where you have a guest or are you going to ask for action from your viewers? Defining what you will be doing and who your audience is will be important for going live.

Tip 2. Think about consistency. Is this something that you want to be a part of your marketing plan or just a once-in-a-while thing? Being able to share with your audience what your goal is and how often you are going to interact with them through this will be crucial for future streams.

Tip 3. The significant thing to think about is what the lighting, angle, and sound will look and be like. Poor or low-quality lighting is not flattering. Making sure you have good natural lighting or a ring light will help your audience see your face and watch a clearer video. Angles are also important, no one wants to see half your face or the top of your forehead. Find somewhere that is level and will showcase what you will be talking about. And of course, sound. If your audience can’t hear you, they will not be able to participate or learn from your Livestream.

Tip 4. Promoting when your Livestream will be. There are many ways to do this! You can do a count-down, set a reminder on your Instagram story, or just post content with a CTA to have your audience join. Have fun with it and get your audience to get excited about your live stream.

Tip 5. Livestreaming isn’t supposed to be perfect. Be yourself and embrace who you are. If you do, you’ll connect with like-minded people and have a higher engagement rate. People don’t want to watch an overproduced video, they come to your page to enjoy your product and consume your content.

We are here to help you with all your social media and brand needs. Connect with our hive and give us a buzz!

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