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How to Handle a Bot Invasion on Instagram

Chances are at some point while posting or scrolling on Instagram you’ve seen bot responses telling you to “check your DMs” or “promote on” another account. While one or two of these bot responses are OK, if there are too many it becomes annoying and can really clutter up your comment section. The easiest way to solve this problem is by going to your settings and putting word filters in your comment section. This should hopefully hide all the bot comments.

But, how do you proactively avoid getting all these new spam comments? I will share some tips and tricks on managing all the bot comments and accounts invading your Instagram feed.

Avoid largely used, generic hashtags.

When using hashtags on your post try to avoid using largely used, generic ones. You want to make your hashtags more niche and targeted to your audience and brand. For example, if you’re a dentist's office, avoid using #Dentist and try using something like #LasVegasDentist. The more specific you are with your wording the better the results will be.

Use your niche's keywords.

While hashtags are important in posts Instagram is starting to push keywords in captions over hashtags in posts. Keywords function essentially the same way hashtags do but are more discreet in captions. Using the dental office example, if your target audience was pediatrics you would include “pediatric dental” throughout the caption to trigger those keywords.

Along with the new keyword function Instagram is allowing you to add tags to your reels. This new option will allow you to specify what your reel is about by picking different topics and keywords. This will help you target your audience really well and also should help keep the bot accounts from finding you.

Remove bot followers.

This part is tedious, but at this point in time you’ll need to manually go through your follows and remove bot accounts. This will decrease your number of followers, but it looks better for your overall account if you have more real people following you than bot accounts.

If the bot accounts are following the same keywords and hashtags as you do this could be a big reason why your account is getting attacked by all these spammers. This is why being as specific as possible in all aspects of your branding is super important. Not only will this allow your target audience will find you it will help keep the bot accounts away since they go for very generic tags.

The trick with engagement is engaging with as many real accounts as possible. The more you engage with your audience the more they’ll engage back. Hopefully, these tips will help you reconnect with your real audience and weed out the bots.

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