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How to Incorporate Pop Culture Into Your Social Strategy

When there is a “moment” in pop culture, you’re sure to see it all over social media. Barbie has firmly taken hold of the cultural zeitgeist this summer with a wave of pink aesthetics and what seems like a dozen trending audios. Here are three ways you can integrate pop culture into your posts:

1. Use Images or Videos

For this strategy, you can either create something new or reuse previous content. Break down the elements of the trend and brainstorm how you can apply your products or services to it.

We would not recommend posting pictures or videos you do not own, such as movie clips, pictures of celebrities, or even memes. If you did not make it, somebody else owns the copyright, and you could potentially get in trouble for using that media for your business.

2. Use a Trending Audio in a Reel or TikTok

While you might have to put some work in to stay on top of what audios are trending and how to use them, it is absolutely worth the boost to your strategy! Instagram will promote reels that are using audios it has marked as trending. To know which audios are trending, look for the little arrow pointing up on the audio page.

Our secret for finding trendy pop culture audios quickly? Go right to the source! Most movies, TV shows, and musicians have Instagram pages and upload clips to reels. Scroll through and see which ones have tons of plays, then check out their audio page for inspiration.

3. Add References to Your Captions

This is possibly the easiest and quickest way to incorporate pop culture into your posts! Speed is everything with trending pop culture moments; they could be in one day and gone the next. With this strategy, you can use photo and video assets your brand already has and get creative in the caption.

Including pop culture in your social strategy is a fun way to engage your audience and can result in your posts being shared more! Just remember not every pop culture moment is right for your brand. Use discernment and make sure what is trending fits within your brand’s voice.

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