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Is Going Viral Actually a Good Thing?

Picture this, you create a reel, post it, and go along with your day. You later open up your phone and see your account blowing up. Comments, likes, views, followers, shares; more than you’ve ever had, more than you could have ever imagined! That feeling is great, right? Your content is a hit!

You decide to post another reel but it doesn’t get as much traffic as the one that just went viral. You may be questioning why, or how. To keep things short, viral content won’t hurt you but it won't help you much either, and here’s why...

You can easily miss your target audience

Of course, that viral post can bring in a spike in views and followers but does it actually lead to an overall increase in traffic in the long run? Most of the time the answer to that is 'no'. The users will see the content, like it, and move on with their time meaning that the chances of them engaging with your account later on and seeing what you have to offer is slim to none.

When creating content, you want your posts to attract loyal followers, AKA your target audience! These are the people that will genuinely engage with your account and what you have to offer. Your target audience may be overlooked when it comes to going viral. A key thing to remember is although that spike in numbers is great, having a smaller RIGHT audience rather than a larger WRONG audience will help your business in the long run.

It can change your goals - for the worst.

Addiction specialist, Dr. Courtney Tracy says that when you receive any type of recognition on a social media post, it activates a dopamine pathway in your brain. That feeling of going viral makes you happy. It gives you validation (who doesn’t love that?) and makes you want to do it again, and again… and again. This can subconsciously change the path you originally planned on taking when it comes to your social media strategy.

Going viral should not be a key factor in your social media strategy. If you’re intending on going viral and you don’t, you’re going to be let down and left questioning what you’re doing wrong. The answer to that is that aiming to go viral is what you’re doing wrong but you won’t see it that way because you’re chasing after the emotional high the release of dopamine gave you the first time.

Overall, think of going viral as a bonus! A little sweet treat after a month of eating healthy. A trophy after beating the rival team. Give yourself a big pat on the back as that is still a big accomplishment, but don’t let it rule you and change your outlook on your social media strategy. So instead of aiming to go viral, aim to create content that engages your target audience! Posting consistently, engaging with your followers, and using relevant hashtags are all key ways to attract those loyal followers that will overall help with your social media goals.

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