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It's 2022 and Three Different Instagram Feeds are Coming!

By now you may have heard, chronological order is coming back on Instagram! We’ve only been asking Instagram for years! However, chronological order is coming back with a twist…

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Introducing the three new Instagram feeds:


First up, we have the home feed. This is the feed that we have all gotten used to and that Instagram introduced in 2016, a feed based on an algorithm. The feed algorithm is based on what it thinks will interest each user. Over time, this feed will also feature more and more recommendations acting similar to a discovery page.


Chronological order is by far what most people are excited for. Users have consistently been asking for this feature to come back. Using this option, posts will appear in the order that they were uploaded in and will not rely on an algorithm. You’ll more than likely begin seeing posts from people that you don’t normally see as often and just in general have a more well-rounded feed of all the people you follow.


The final feed that Instagram is introducing is the Favorites feed. This feed will house those that you have specifically chosen to see content from. Only people from your “Favorites” list will appear on this feed allowing you to control even more what content you consume. This favorites list is similar to the push notifications feature that has been popular in the past.

Now you are probably wondering, how exactly is this going to work? Well, Instagram will change the feed page that you are used to seeing. Users will now see a small arrow next to “Home” that will act as a toggle feature. Users will be able to toggle between the three feeds and choose whichever they favor the most.

Instagram has already begun rolling out this update to users and it is likely that the feature will be available to everyone soon. What do you think of this update? Are you happy that chronological order is back? What feed do you think you’ll end up using the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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