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Repurposing TikTok Content for Instagram Reels

TikTok, a short-form video content platform, took the social media world by storm in 2020. It forever changed the way users interact and create content, so much so that Instagram was quick to create a platform that would directly compete with it.

Introducing Instagram Reels…

Because of TikTok’s success, Instagram rolled out its own version called “Reels.” Users can create 15-60 second videos and upload them to the platform’s reel “Discover” page. This new feature was created to directly compete with TikTok, and Instagram has even stated that the use of Reels is necessary to be successful on their platform now.

However, since releasing their Reels feature, Instagram had noticed that many people were simply just downloading their TikTok’s with the watermark and uploading them to the Instagram platform. This immediately became a problem for Instagram because reels were inadvertently promoting TikTok. Shortly after, Instagram started to favor content that did not already have the existing TikTok watermark on it. As a result, many social media users were not a fan of this change because it made it more difficult to reshare their content.

The question now is “How do I repurpose my TikTok content on Instagram Reels efficiently?”

The easiest and most effective way to repurpose your content is to remove the TikTok watermark. This allows you to only have to film the content once and freely share it on both TikTok and Instagram without facing any guideline trouble.

There are various ways to avoid/remove the watermark:

  1. Screen record the video in your drafts before you share it on TikTok (This way you avoid losing quality)

  2. Use a 3rd party application to remove the watermark once the TikTok has been posted. A popular application on the App Store is SaveTok. With SaveTok, you simply copy the TikTok link and paste it into the app. The app will then remove the watermark and save a copy to your phone.

  3. Use a 3rd party website. Similar to an app, there are several websites that will utilize the TikTok video link and then make a new video without the watermark. If you don’t want to download an app, a popular website is

  4. Edit the video entirely outside of TikTok and Instagram Reels. This one will save you having to remove any watermarks from videos, but can be more time-consuming depending on the editing app.

Overall, there are many methods to remove a watermark from a video, and it really just depends on what works best with your content and time. Despite the two platforms' rivalry, repurposing content to both platforms is effective and encouraged! Don’t let watermark problems stop you from reaching a wider audience. Try one of the methods above, and you’ll no longer have to worry about a video not performing well because of a watermark.

Do you have any additional ways you remove a TikTok watermark for Instagram Reels? I would love to hear about any other ideas/applications or websites! Let us know in the comments below.

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