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Social Media is Constantly Changing: 3 New Features on Instagram

Social media is CONSTANTLY CHANGING! It seems like every day there are new features or new tests being rolled out. One of the best ways to constantly stay on top of social media is to try out the new features that are being offered as soon as they roll out.

Instagram is a platform that heavily emphasizes the importance of utilizing every feature on its app. Using these features is often favored in the algorithm and can improve your reach with your business! Even if the features seem intimidating, there is never any harm in trying them out! You never know, they could help your business grow, be seen by a new audience, or even generate a sale.

Instagram recently rolled out three new features that are worth trying! I highly recommend trying to use these features on a weekly basis or when it makes sense for your business.

1. Replying to Comments with a Video

Following TikTok’s lead, Instagram has now rolled out the ability to reply to a comment in a video format. This feature is a great way to interact with your community. The opportunities are endless with how much video content you can make when you are responding to your comments.

2. Customize the Link Sticker Button

While the link sticker button in itself is a fairly new feature on Instagram, the app has now gone even further and allowed for customization. Before, when you would link on IG stories, the sticker would automatically populate a shortened version of the link. While this was an amazing feature they added, it did limit users because sometimes it was not clear that the sticker contained an external link. By adding customization, now users can include a call to action on their link stickers. Some examples could be “Shop the sale now” or “Click here to learn more”. This customization feature makes it easier for followers to know exactly what they are clicking.

3. Collaborate with People

Users can now invite each other to collaborate on a post or reel. If the invitation is accepted, both accounts will appear in the post or reel header. This content will then be shared with each of the users’ audiences. Additionally, the post or reel will live on both users’ profile grids and have a shared view count/like count and comments. This feature is especially great for businesses/creators to reach a brand new audience apart from their own.

All of these new Instagram features have the potential to be incredibly beneficial for your business or brand. They can help with reaching new audiences, help generate traffic to outside sources and even help you produce video content faster. Jump on these features as soon as you can!

Have you used any of them yet and seen positive results? Let us know in the comments below!

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