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Social Media: Things to Try in 2023!

With the new year still freshly upon us, now is the perfect time to test and try new things on your social media platforms. After all, you should always be changing and adjusting your strategy as you analyze what does and doesn’t work.

We are here to help you with some fresh ideas! Locate your preferred platform and see what you can do to change things up with your content!


  • Stories: Have you considered changing your story strategy? If you find that you are consistently just sharing your most recent post to your story or that you don’t post at all, it’s time to put some more effort into stories. Stories are the perfect way to connect with your audience. Ask questions, post polls, or simply talk about yourself, your business, etc. Creating an engaged community on stories helps build that loyal following.


  • Powerful Hooks: While it can be fun to just post whatever trend you see on the platform, at the end of the day, that isn’t what is going to get people to stay and follow your content. Trends are totally okay but make sure you are also providing educational/informative content related to your niche. Pair that with powerful and attention-grabbing hooks and you are sure to see some success.


  • FB Reels: We hate to say it but you SHOULD try posting some Facebook Reels. It is no secret that social media platforms reward users who utilize all their features offered. With FB Reels being one of the newer additions, it is important to test your short-form videos on the platform.


  • PDFs, PDFs, PDFs: You’re probably confused but lately there has been an uptick in PDFs being uploaded to LinkedIn. If you are wondering, “Umm, but I don’t have any PDFs to post?!” That is okay. Use your informative IG carousel slides. Convert them into a single PDF and repurpose your content that way!


  • YT Shorts: Take your TikTok and IG Reel content and repurpose them to YouTube Shorts! With their new monetization program, and short-form content still going strong, posting on shorts is sure to expand your reach.

Have you tried something new and seen success on your social media platforms lately? Let us know in the comments what you have been doing that seems to be working!

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