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Spring Clean Your Socials

The sun is shining, and we've begun opening up our windows to let in the fresh air while we clean out our closet or dust those upper shelves. We all love that feeling we get after a good cleaning or when we get that junk drawer organized! No wonder there are so many videos and evens TV shows created about organizing. It's just so satisfying!

But have you thought about taking your spring-cleaning digital? Cleaning out your camera roll or deleting apps you no longer use are all great places to start, but we're going to focus on your socials here. After you conquer some of those home projects, grab your laptop, your favorite poppi flavor (mine is Strawberry Lemon!), and pull up a seat in the sunshine to tackle your socials.

Spring Clean Your Socials

Step 1: Page Audit

When was the last time you combed over all the features and settings on the social platforms? These apps are constantly evolving and making changes, just like your business! You'll want to do this quarterly to make sure you're taking advantage of all the awesome features, as well as ensuring all business info and details are current.

A few things you'll want to check on:

  • Page details such as profile names, pictures, cover photos, and working website links

  • Review your auto-responses

  • Social media links are prominently displayed and linked correctly on your website, email newsletters, and signatures

Step 2: Social SEO

We're beginning to see a shift from hashtags to keywords on all social platforms. This means, we have to be more strategic with the usage of our industry or niche keywords within our pages and content. Spend some time here curating a list of your keywords and how sprinkle them across your socials.

Here are a few places you can incorporate those keywords:

  • Bios

  • Captions

  • Text on videos

  • Stories

Step 3: Bio Refresh

Your bio is typically someone's first impression of your brand. A bio should clearly show your viewer what you do or offer, where, and for who with some flare! You only have about .5 seconds to grab their attention.

Things to consider including in a bio:

  • Keywords & phrases

  • WHAT - Brief description or list of products/services

  • WHY - Why should they buy or support your brand, what makes you unique

  • WHERE - Highlight your location or where to purchase

  • CTA - Finally, what action do you want them to take

Step 4: Purge Outdated Posts

Regularly reviewing and removing outdated posts ensures that your feed remains relevant and aligned with your current brand voice and aesthetic. You don't want someone to accidentally happen upon a post about a product or service you no longer have! However, it's OK to leave up posts about past sales or events when the date(s) have been shared.

Step 5: Refresh Your Highlights

Have you ever opened up a highlight on someone's page to see 50+ stories saved under that highlight? Or slides from 500+ days ago? This is when your highlights could use a good cleaning! We want our highlights to contribute to our client/customer's journey. They should feel clean, easy to navigate, and be a current representation of your brand.

Strategically organize highlights to showcase different aspects of your business, such as:

  • Products or Services

  • About

  • Testimonials

  • Behind-the-scenes

Step 6: Update Pinned Posts

I feel like this one is especially relevant on Facebook or LinkedIn. We're constantly looking at our Instagram so naturally we update these. I often find pinned posts on Facebook or LinkedIn are overlooked which is why I like to include this friendly reminder.

Posts you might consider pinning:

  • A "start here" or "about you" post

  • An upcoming event

  • Current sale or promo

  • One of your top performing posts - this is message that resonated with your audience therefore it can be a good one to showcase at the top of your page

  • Anything you want to highlight!

Step 7: Reflect on Top Posts

Reflecting on top posts is something you should be doing on a consistent basis to stay relevant. Analyzing top-performing posts provides valuable insights into your audience's preferences, content performance, and engagement patterns.

When reviewing your posts you'll want to lookout for common themes such as:

  • Post format (photo, video, carousel...)

  • Visual elements

  • Topics

  • Messaging

  • Hooks

5 Things You Can Do Today to Refresh Your Socials:

  1. Do a page audit to ensure your information is up-to-date and consistency and across all social media profiles.

  2. Identify and list industry keywords and phrases relevant to your brand and target audience.

  3. Purge outdated posts and highlights to ensure your content is the best representation of your business.

  4. Update bios, Instagram highlights, and pinned posts to reflect your current brand identity and offerings.

  5. Repurpose top-performing posts into new formats or content.


Take spring cleaning your socials to the next level using our Social Media Audit and Page Optimization template! Our template includes a checklist so you don't miss any important page details, more tips on optimizing your bios, and a side-by-side comparison of your top posts. Start customizing yours HERE.


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