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TikTok and Reel Trends to Try This Month - August 2022

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

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At the beginning of each week through the month of August, I'll update this blog post with 5 of the latest trends so you can save time browsing TikTok and Instagram searching for trending sounds and content ideas. I provide insight and creative ideas on how you can participate in the trend but still make it your own! To get a feel on what that looks like, check out last month's blog - July 2022 Trends.

I like to challenge my readers who aren't sure about participating in trends or using trending sounds, to just give it try! Try posting 1-2 videos per week on Instagram Reels and/or TikTok for one month and see what it does to your reach and follower count. The catch is you have to put your own spin on any trend to make sure whatever you're sharing is related to your industry or niche. And finally, most importantly, HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Trends for the week of August 23-29

What you want, baby I've got it

The tune was made for showing off your products and services! Filter through multiple images of your various products, or performing various services end with a call-to-action of where to buy or how to book,

Take it up a notch by adding text! For example, "Do you have X?" Followed by an image of the item/service and text that reads "You know I've got it!" in sync with the sound.

Wish I knew

What's a ridiculous question people might ask you related to you or your business? Or, something you wish you knew before? Insert that text over a video of yourself then mouth the words "wish I knew" in sync with the sound.

I'm not telling you not to get this, but...

"I'm not telling you not to get this, but... Hear me out! Think about getting this instead!" Compare two products, services, options... Great for suggesting what it is you have to offer and elaborating on why it's better than the alternative or other "path".

Best of both worlds

Your classic Hannah Montana sound! Write out a short paragraph of text outlining two things you like, do, or are, and that are also pretty much polar opposite from each other. Put this over a clip of you lip-syncing the sound or shrugging in agreement. Be sure to click the sound for more inspo!

If you don't want to go the silly/sarcastic route, you can also compare two of your services or products!

Burn it.

Are any other Vampire Diaries fans out there?! If so, you'll recognize the voice of Caroline in this sound ;). "Burn it.", "What?", "Did I say stand there and look stupid? No. I said, BURN IT." I've seen a lot of hairdressers using this sound in reference to clients asking to go blonde overnight. Or, negative thoughts, receipts, old photos/posts, and the most obvious... candles!

Trends for the week of August 16-22

Hell Nah!

A beautiful acoustic tune, "Hellll Nahhhh, Hell Nah" inspired by Outkast's "Hey Ya!". Dance around to this tune in the video and then add text related to your niche regarding something that is a definite "Hell Nah". For example, in my niche (social media marketing) I might respond to a client asking, "Should I buy followers?" with this tune. Or, when your friend asks if she should cut her bangs... You get it ;)

Admit it, Benson

Mordecai, "Admit it, Benson." Benson, "No, you're not cool." Mordecai after putting on Black Airforces, "How 'bout now, Benson." This sound comes from Regular Show. It's a fun sound to pair with a before and after transition, for example, a new hairstyle, room remodel, or product upgrade. You can also pair this sound with you lipsyncing to Mordecai's part and bring your awesome product intro frame when the sound hit "How 'bout now, Benson", like the example below!

Here I am, once again

We all know and love this song by Kelly Clarkson! This snippet of the song is a fun way to respond to frequently asked questions in your industry or common problems your clients might be coming to you for. Insert the common problem or question in text over the video and then respond to it with the answer in the caption or briefly at the end of the video.

I'm not scared of 🦁 or 🐯 or 🐻

"I'm not scared of lions or tigers or bears, but I'm scared of..." then insert whatever it is your scared of. Have fun with this easy trend but always relate it back to your niche or brand!

Ohhhh, I like it

What's some you like your customers or clients to do? Dance and sing along to this tune while you share what that is. Or, point out a new arrival, product, or something you created and are exctied to show off!

Trends for the week of August 9-15

Word swap

Think of a common phrase someone might say in your industry that puts themselves down or may make someone feel less than and then turn that phrase into something positive! For example, "I suck at making reels" swap each word to "We all have to start somewhere!". Tap the sound for more inspo!

Spooky Season

For all my Spoooky Season lovers, here is a fun sound for you! Pair this sound with fall outfit ideas, Halloween-inspired crafts or decor, recipes, making your product, etc. If your biz is starting to make that transition into fall, show us what your currently working on or those new fall arrivals paired with this sound.

My life be like...

Here's a fun sound to pair with an "Instagram/TikTok versus reality" video! Show a clip of something looking amazing, followed by a clip of the mess around it or the messy process it took to get there.


When you finally get somewhere or achieve something that you've been working on... Type out a phrase along those lines that's related to your niche over the video and then in the video pretend like you're looking around at that "thing" you achieved, and mouth "Alright!" in sync with the sound.

Why do people keep saying that?

"Why do people keep saying that? It wasn't true then, and it isn't true now." What's something people keep saying about your industry or niche that isn't true? Type whatever that common misconception is over your video and lipsync to that phrase to debunk that myth.

Trends for the week of August 2 - 8

Dirty little sketch

"Show me a dirty little sketch of yours, and then what that sketch turned into. I'll show you mine." Many of your product ideas start out with a rough sketch! This is a fun trend to participate in showing us the beginning of an idea and the beautiful end result. If you make any tangible products, like earrings, stickers, artwork, etc. this is a great one for you! I'm sure you have a lot of "dirty little sketches" lying around you can use. This one is also great for designers. Click on the sound to get inspo from other people and niches.


Insert text along the lines of "Who wastes time on...", "Who would sacrifice...", "Who survived...", "Who hates... but loves...?", "Who's ready to...", or "Who loves to...". Whatever resonates with you and your niche, then mouth the response "Me" in sync with the sound.

I cannot wait to unpack that with you

"If that's a joke, I love it. If not, I cannot wait to unpack that with."

What's something people often say to you in your niche that sounds a bit like they're joking but they're really not... For example, a client saying "I never wash my face" to their esthetician, a home buyer saying "I don't need a realtor to buy a home" to a realtor, or a client saying "I'm going to stop eating carbs to lose weight faster" to their fitness trainer. Get creative and find what works for you and your niche here.

Paper planes

This is one of those trends where you share a video or photo of where you started, followed by one that shows off how far you've come or the glow-up! Like in the example below, where the creator shows her first microblading work followed by the glow-up 4.5 years later. Show us how far you've come in your line of work to the Paper Planes trending sound!

Wait for it...

Some people don't love a "pointing" trend... But personally, these are some of my faves! They are so simple to do and a great way to share tips or other important info related to your niche. Share the beginning of a sentence broken into three chunks that will grab your viewers attention, pause, then finish the sentence broken out into three more chunks, then dance it out! I find this trend works well with a motivational or inspirational message related to your industry.

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