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TikTok and Reel Trends to Try This Week (July 2022)

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Blog updated WEEKLY with current trends on TikTok and Instagram Reels! Give your social media presence a boost by participating in these fun trends.

We never want you to copy, we only want you to use these trends as inspiration for your own content. Start with the trending sound and then make it work for you and your unique biz!

Trends for the week of July 26 - August 1

Simple before and after sound

Sometimes we just something super simple! This sound is just that. Show a "before" clip and then an "after" clip at the ding!

Things people say

For this trend, you'll want to pair this sound to text over a video listing out "things people say" related to your industry or niche. Usually, mean or "dumb" things people might say or comment on your posts. We still want to have fun with it and make it lighthearted! I like what @oakavehouse did in her caption here. Always make it your own and use these trends to relate to your audience and give them a feel for your personality.

What you know about me

Another "on my way..." trend! We love the simple, yet fun little dance move to the beat on this one. Always relating back to your niche, maybe you're "on your way" to help or teach someone something, or buy more items from your shop... If you have a brick-and-mortar, it might be fun to do this video clip going into your storefront!

Feeling good

Ahhhh what makes you or your clients feeeeeeel gooood?? A new hairstyle? Walking through the doors of their new home? Walking into your bar for Happy Hour? A new outfit? Whatever it is, show it off and pair this sound with it!

Who's knocking?

Someone's knocking! Is it your future self with a message to your current or past self? A new opportunity knocking? Share a message or question in text over a video of you putting your ear up to a door or wall, then transition to you knocking on the other side followed by an answer or call-to-action (CTA) in text over that video clip.


Trends for the week of July 19 - 25

Got a career and I'm very invested

Many of us are small business owners and very passionate about what we do! Put this sound over you doing what you love! BTS of you working on a project or doing what you love or a transformation from the beginning of your career to now.

Cool kids

If your past self could see you now transition! Maybe you were miserable at an old job and now you're doing what you love, or as a kid maybe you dreamed about doing what you do now. Show a photo(s) or video(s) of you back then and then transition to photos or videos of you now happy and thriving!

Somebody come and look at this

Show off a product you're making or the progress of a service (phases of hair color or a remodel) to this simple sound... Something you want to show off because you're proud of your work! You can also try a voiceover while you point at the something you want to showcase.

I never needed you like I do right now

What's something you desperately need right now? A vacation? An iced coffee? A facial? Try pairing this sound with something you sell like a new latte you're launching, or your signature facial. Draw people in showing them that they need what you have to offer right now!

A hot new bombshell

For our Love Island fans, this sound should sound familiar! I love this one for a beauty or fashion transition, leveling up the look to a "bombshell" look in the second clip.


Trends for the week of July 5 - 11

Somebody that you used to know

A new fun, dance trend! Bring the high and positive energy with this one. Pair with a motivational or inspirational message, or a few industry tips! People love to see your personality come through on these types of trends. If the dance isn't perfect, that's okay! It's relatable.

You must be sick

*cough*, *cough*... What is something you like that other people might not understand? For example, "You must be sick if you like [insert what you like]" followed by your pretending to cough to the beat. Or, you can show off some products or tips to the beat. Get creative with this one!

Stop interrupting me

When you try and tell someone something but they keep interrupting you with excuses... What are some common excuses people make in your industry? Or unsolicited advice people often give you. Try listing those out to this trending sound.

Things people have said to me

"Things people have said to me after learning I'm a social media manager"... Followed by quotes of what people often say paired with your own different dance moves. This one is easy enough! For the full trend, be sure to use this color-changing filter.

Toxic x Dark Horse

I'm obsessed with this trending sound! It works great paired with styling flatlays, showing how you make your products, styling videos, time-lapses, etc.

Trends for the week of June 28 - July 4

This is it

By now we've heard ALL the Schitt's Creek sounds, we've probably used them all up! Which is why we're now snagging audio from our fave, Dan Levy and this one does not disappoint! "This is it, everybody. If you want to know what's it, it's this." I've seen this sound paired with people trying on cute outfits, showing off babies, sunsets, and even tasty food! It's a perfect one for just about any biz. Show off your product(s) or how your amazing service transforms people's lives.

I don't know how to talk to you

When you love to talk about your business, kids, or maybe your health journey and someone says they don't what to hear it... insert "I don't know how to talk to you." Get creative and have fun with this trending sound!

3, 2, 1... Bang

Okay, I was pretty excited when I started seeing this trend pop up! I'm watching Peaky Blinders right now so I recognized it immediately. Not to mention, there's a pretty fun challenge to go with it! Looks easy enough 😉. Give this fun challenge a try at home or with your coworkers!

Not into the whole challenge thing? No worries! I could see this paired with before and afters or a countdown to a "mind-blowing" tip(s).

Who's still saying this?

If people are saying that they "don't need" a specific product or service in your niche, give this sound a try. Because someone totally needs what you have to offer!

Watch me now

Is someone saying you can't or shouldn't do something? "Watch me now!"Maybe they said you shouldn't start your business, or stop buying more [insert your product here].

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