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TikTok and Reel Trends to Try This Week (June 2022)

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Trends are a fun and easy way to boost your reach on TikTok and Instagram! Check out the latest trends here for inspo... We update our blog weekly so you're never behind!

These trends are meant to serve as inspiration for you and your brand or business. We don't encourage copying! We want you to get creative and find unique ways to relate these trends or trending sounds to your business 💛.

Trends for the week of June 21 - 27

The dreaded loop

Don't get caught up in these dreaded loops! For example, "Not doing work because I'm overwhelmed... Overwhelmed because I didn't do any work" or "Not investing in your business because you can't afford it... Can't afford it because you're not investing in your business." What's something in your niche that might work with this trend?

1, 2, 3, 4... Loading

Show different pieces, steps, or before photos to the "1, 2, 3, 4" beat insert "Loading..." then show off the final product or look at the end to the music! I feel like there are so many ways you can creatively use this sound. Try it for your biz!

Cry Me a River

We love a good tune to put over just about any type of video! Simply sync your photos or video clips to the beat.

Apple Pay

What's something that makes you take out your credit card "Purchase, purchase, purchase, purchase, purchase, purchase... Get ready to list out 6 things you often find yourself spending money on. Or, use this sound to list out 6 quick tips related to your industry every time the sound goes "ding". For example, a 6-step skincare routine or workout.

Go out there and make something amazing happen!

Okay, so this might be the cutest sound yet! "The only way how to make something amazing happen is to go out there and make something amazing happen" 🥺. What's something you can only achieve by putting in the work? Pretty much anything, right!

Trends for the week of June 14 - 20

I have a brilliant beyond brilliant idea

I don't know about you, but I immediately recognized this sound from The Parent Trap. I love that movie! This trending sound is a great one to add over a video of you sharing a good idea you have, or if you have a product or service that is a "brilliant idea! Share how your products or service solves something, similar to this example.

Banger >>>

When someone shares something with you that's just too good! Share what that "Banger" is in the text overlay and then bang on something to the beat of the sound with your fist.

On the other hand, me. I'm gonna turn up!

What's something you like to do to treat yourself? More coffee? Add to cart? Get a facial? Pair this fun sound with something relatable you like to do to treat yourself!

Running Up That Hill

We love a trending sound that doesn't require any fancy dancing or lip-syncing! This song is a whole vibe. It's great paired with a video of you showing how your product is made, before and afters, performing a service, etc.

Versus Reality

This is a great sound to show that "social media versus reality" moment. For example, a beauty shot of "what the final product looks like" versus video clips of the many failed attempts before the final product.

Trends for the week of June 7 - 13

Perhaps I can be of some assistance

This is an easy trending sound to add to a short video where you share how you or your business can be of assistance! Put text over that list a common problem(s) someone might have followed by text that shows how you "can be of some assistance".

Snap Back to Reality

Thinking back to when... and then realizing what you have to do now. For example, thinking back to how you dreamed about starting a business... then snap back to having to package orders.

Romanticize Your Life

This is a "vibey" trending sound you can add to just about anything! "Romanticize" any video by adding this sound. It pairs great with behind-the-scenes content, showing the process of how a product is made, day in the life, and more.

Sway Transition

We love a fun and easy transition... and this one is just that! Show a before clip then cut to the after clip with this fun transition! The key is to really show a "dramatic change" whether it's through hair or makeup, a room transformation... anything you can think of!

Well, I guess I don't need to go to therapy...

What's your "therapy"? Or, what is something that brings you joy? Maybe it's a shopping trip, going to the gym, getting a facial, or buying more plants! If your business brings people joy (as most do 😉), then give this trend a try.

Trends for the week of May 31 - June 6

That's a great question

This is a fun sound to pair with a question you often ask but get roundabout answers to from clients or customers. "It's yes or no"!

…turn left on Washington Blvd

You know that moment when something or some thought totally kills your vibe? This is the sound for that! "When you have 1 week of school left... then you realize you still have finals!".

On my way 💨

"When" someone gives you the go-ahead on something and you rush to the opportunity! This could be a fun sound to use when announcing a sale or a new product, service, or new arrivals.

I know this is a bad idea, but I’m gonna do it anyway!

When you start something new but didn't finish the last project... Or, when you add a bunch of items to your cart and go to checkout! This is a great sound to pair with those situations.

🎶 Hey isn’t this 🎶… difficult 😩

When you think something is going to be easy but really it totally isn't! Or, when something might look easy from the outside looking in (like on social media) but you showcase the behind the scenes of how difficult it really is.

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