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TikTok Trends For Your Business

TikTok has quickly become the most popular social media app within the past year. It’s home to funny videos, fashion and beauty advice, and of course the popular trends.

I know what you’re probably thinking... TikTok is just for Gen Z, especially the trends. Trust me, it’s not! TikTok trends are a super important part of using the app if you’re creating content and trying to get more views and engagement.

Partaking in TikTok trends is a great way to increase your business's exposure online. You can always customize them depending on what you're promoting and find creative ways to participate in trends that make sense for your brand or business.

What exactly are the trends?

Trends are constantly changing and new ones are always on the rise. Here’s a quick overview of what’s important and how to use the trends.

Trending Sounds

The sound is a crucial part when partaking in trends. Whenever there’s a new trend going on, there’s almost always a popular sound that goes with it. When you see one of the trending videos, make sure you save the audio sound so that when you create yours, you’ll have that sound.

Why is it important to use that sound? When trends are happening, typically people will search TikTok by the sound. If you use the sound, your video has a chance of popping up when being searched. The TikTok algorithm will also play those with trending sounds more often, therefore it has a better chance of popping up on someone's "For You" page.

How To Find What's Trending on TikTok

If you’re searching for trends to partake in, visit the "Discover" page, TikTok shows all the current trends. There are so many niches and topics to choose from there to help you narrow in on what trends make sense for you and your business to participate in. Hashtags such as #trendalert is a great hashtag to follow to identify new trends.

Using Trend Hashtags

Of course, whatever trend you’re doing, make sure to use the hashtag associate with that trend in your caption so that your video pops up in the discover section. There are always trending hashtags on TikTok that will pop up when you’re creating your hashtags in the captions. These trending hashtags don’t necessarily have to be relevant to what your video is about, they just help your video get exposure and end up on plenty of "For You" pages!

Have you participated in any TikTok trends? If so, what tips and tricks do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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