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TikTok Trends You'll Want to Try This Week (April 2022)

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

If you post on TikTok regularly, you know that one of the most time-consuming portions of it is finding trends to hop on. That is why we are starting our weekly blog with the hottest trends, saving you time and giving you inspiration!

Current TikTok Trends (April 26-May 2)

This one's for the dancers

No footwork involved, give this dance trend a try!

I'd rate myself as outstanding

Another trend you can use to brag a little!

Who texted us?

This is a fun trend for couples. Your partner will appear out of nowhere when they hear someone has texted you.

Looking for a steal

For this trend, you will grab some cash and pretend you are trying to convince someone to sell you an item. You can relate this back to your niche!

Current TikTok Trends (April 19-24)

I should be taking this seriously but...

This trend is for those moments when your brain is just not cooperating. It is fun, easy, and can be used multiple times!

Something about me

This trend is all about your relatable quirks. Do you stalk everyone you went to HS with every once in a while? Simply record yourself and then add text over the video!


Life is going great until you have a sudden realization that stops you in your tracks. This is a great beginner trend!


A lot of creators are using this trend to show their excitement to see another person, but you can get creative and come up with something new as well. Adjust the speed to 2x for this effect!

Current TikTok Trends (April 12-18)

"As it Was" by Harry Styles

This song has all wholesome vibes and people can't get enough! Whether you're jamming to it, sharing a cute or uplifting moment, or participating on the dance trend, this is one you don't want to miss!

"Are you trying to romance me?"

When someone is speaking your love language, use this trend!

My worst enemy

Middle school boys are truly frightening... Think of your "biggest enemy" to make this quick and easy trend!

A true letdown

What is something everybody raves about that really is just a letdown for you?

My back hurts from carrying the team

This trend gives you the opportunity to brag a little bit. It is perfect for small business owners!

Current TikTok Trends (April 5-April 11)

We love a Fergie Moment!

This trend is all about humor, show off your personality! The example included should show you everything you need to know.

…Now for a Backstreet Boys moment

You are getting hyped up because it is all going according to plan, but of course, there is a bump in the road. This trend can work for all niches, scroll through the sound for inspiration!

I’m calling this one “of course, I’m worried Janet, that’s all I do”

This one has primarily been about partners being worried that their significant other is not being faithful, but we are starting to see the trend expand beyond that. The general premise is to have the question “aren’t you worried that_______?” and follow it up with the punchline.

“I actually did it myself”

Small businesses, brands, and creatives this one is for you… and also those who make their own lives harder than they have to be. For example, I am guessing most of us have looked up our symptoms at one point or another and gotten freaked out.

“I hereby sentence you…”

What is a minor punishment that would actually feel like the end of the world? You can relate it back to your niche like this creator did!

Current TikTok Trends (March 29-April 4)

"Did I say that?"

Did you REALLY say you would go to that late dinner on a Tuesday night? This trend is for something you have said that you wish you could take back.

"I am trying so hard to be better, but to my core I am a hater"

What is a silly reason you turn into a "hater"?

"Either way it will be"

It could turn out to be an amazing time orrrr a terrible time, either way it will be. Make a video about a new situation where you feel uncertain, but fate will just have to do its thing!

"Prepare to be sick of me"

This is your main character moment. This is perfect for niche introductions!

"You can't do what I do"

SHOW OFF your talent with pride! This is a great sound for small businesses.

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