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YouTube Shorts - What are YT Shorts and should you try them out?

We know we know, you’re probably thinking, “Another short-form video platform?!”

With TikTok, IG Reels, FB Reels, and now YT Shorts, we know it can be overwhelming to have to plan to post on every single platform. However, we are here to tell you that posting on YT Shorts doesn’t have to be an ominous thing. In fact, it’s actually quite easier than you think.

First, if you are already creating short-form content for Reels or TikTok, then there is really no reason why you shouldn’t upload them to YT Shorts as well, especially if your goal is to increase your reach.

The process is incredibly similar with only a few minor changes. You really only need a YouTube account and you can upload your videos (up to 60 seconds) directly from your phone. Additionally, you can create Shorts within the app as well. Whichever method you prefer, the process is simple and worth trying out!

Here are 3 helpful tips/tricks to know if you want to dive into YT Shorts.

1. Repurposing your content is easy, in fact, it is encouraged.

Google (who owns YouTube) wants you to repurpose your content! Remove the watermark and upload your videos to the platform. Google is really pushing YT Shorts with their Creator program and now is the time to start. It is completely and totally okay if you are using repurposed content. Trust us, we heard it from Google themselves.

2. The platform doesn’t feel as oversaturated.

We know that it can be discouraging to post consistently on other platforms like IG and TikTok. YT Shorts is still fairly new and that can be a huge benefit. Testing out a posting schedule really can’t hurt you! You never know what may come of it. Create exciting and captivating content and maybe YT Shorts will become your HIT platform.

3. You can use hashtags to help your content be more searchable.

YT Shorts allows you to place hashtags in the title or description to help your content be categorized and found. Remember it isn’t about the number of your hashtags but the quality! Make sure they are relevant to your video!

Overall, if you are trying to excel in the social media space, YouTube Shorts is worth looking into for your business/brand. It can help you transition into longer-form content, reach a new audience, and may even allow you to monetize. The possibilities are endless.

Have you tried YT Shorts yet? Do you think you will test them out? Let us know!

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