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Social Media Competitor Analysis Template
  • Social Media Competitor Analysis Template

    No matter your industry, you likely have competitors. The words "competitor" and "competition" are often perceived negatively but that shouldn't be the case! We LOVE our competitors. They help us learn and grow. I once heard someone refer to their competitors as their "niche mates", which to me feels like a better way to address them!


    Whatever you want to refer to your competitors as, it's important to do a competitor analysis from time to time to keep a pulse on your industry. Draw inspiration, learn what your target audience is interested in, and carve out your unique approach to set your brand apart. Ultimately, I want you to stand out!



    The SWEET Stuff:


    • Guided Audio Clips: Unsure how to navigate a competitor analysis... Don't worry, I've got you! I've included audio clips throughout the template to provide you with step-by-step instructions, helpful tips, and insights so you can complete each section with confidence.

    • The Numbers: Gather data on your competitor's social media activity, including followers, engagement metrics, and posting schedules. Compare your performance to identify areas for improvement.

    • Identify What is/isn't Working: Discover what strategies are working for your competitors and what isn't so you can implement your own unique approach.

    • Content Inspo: Find inspiration for your content strategy by understanding what kind of content seems to resonate and keeps your shared audience engaged.

    • Keep Things Fresh: Social media is constantly evolving and changing, therefore keeping a pulse on your competitors will help you stay ahead of the curve. The minute you sense you're falling behind, refer to this template and take action to keep things fresh and never lose momentum!



    The Story:


    Originally, I created these templates for internal use among our team to gain an edge and provide a better service for our clients. Our clients raved about the design and how much easier it was to navigate compared to the lengthy, boring presentations they had seen in the past. These were usually packed with a whole lot of data and info that meant nothing to them.  With that feedback, I thought "Hey! why don't we share these so more people can benefit from a more strategic social media approach without feeling overwhelmed by all that added, unnecessary fluff." 


    Like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I feel like our templates are "Just right!" for business owners tackling their own social media and social media managers looking to level up their services.



    Let's Get Started!


    • Click that yellow 'Download Now' button: Enter some info and checkout

    • Insert All Your Awesome Info: Simply drag and drop, plug in the numbers, and add some key business details onto each slide. Feel free to customize colors, fonts, images, etc. to match your brand!

    • Analyze the Insights: Once you've added all that awesome info, you'll uncover things about your social media efforts you hadn't seen before! This is where the magic happens.

    • Put it Into Action: Take what you learned and put it into action! This is the most important step of the whole process. Without action, there won't be change.



    Knowledge is power! The more insights you can gain from your industry the better you'll be.  Remember, a competitor analysis shouldn't be completed with the intention to copy or steal ideas from your competition. But rather, serve as a tool to help you learn more about your own business and how you can stand out so you can SHINE above the rest!

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