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Social Media Audience Analysis Template
  • Social Media Audience Analysis Template

    Do you feel like engagement is low, or maybe you're not gaining followers like you used to? It may be time to reassess your target audience to determine what kind of content they are craving!


    Your audience's interests are evolving and changing, it's important to understand them inside and out so you can grow with them! The best way to approach this is with an audience analysis. And I'm not talking boring demographics and adding a bunch of numbers to another spreadsheet. I want you to actually explore your audience's pages and learn directly from them! Like, let's get micro with it - What kind of dog do they have? Where's their favorite place to shop? What's their coffee order?... Put those social media stalking skills to good use 😉. The more you learn, the better you can relate and engage with them.



    The SWEET Stuff:


    • Audio Insights and Tips: Unsure how to navigate an audience analysis... Don't worry, I've got you! I've included audio clips throughout the template to provide you with step-by-step instructions, helpful tips, and insights so you can complete each section with confidence.

    • The Demographics: Collect all those yummy demographics to see how they line up with your brand's target audience.

    • Meet Your Followers: This is where your stalking skills come in! Do a deep dive into your most engaged followers' profiles and collect all those micro details so you can start speaking their language.

    • Pain Points: Each step above will help you identify your unique audience's pain points so you can share how your product or service will help them.

    • Audience Persona: An audience persona will help bring the complete picture of who she/he/they is! Every time you're creating content or coming up with a new product you can ask yourself, "Will Susie love this?" or, "How would this make Susie feel?". 

    • Customer Journey: Map out the path your customers take, from their first interaction with your brand to the final destination of becoming loyal customers.

    • Keep Things Fresh: When you get that feeling your content or messaging just isn't hitting like it used to, refer back to this template and see what you might be missing. Your audience's interests and problems are often changing (we are all growing!) so it's important to keep up with those changes so you can stick with them along their journey.



    The Story:


    Originally, I created these templates for internal use among our team to gain an edge and provide a better service for our clients. Our clients raved about the design and how much easier it was to navigate compared to the lengthy, boring presentations they had seen in the past. These were usually packed with a whole lot of data and info that meant nothing to them.  With that feedback, I thought "Hey! why don't we share these so more people can benefit from a more strategic social media approach without feeling overwhelmed by all that added, unnecessary fluff." 


    Like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I feel like our templates are "Just right!" for business owners tackling their own social media and social media managers looking to level up their services.



    Let's Get Started!


    • Click that yellow 'Download Now' button: Enter some info and checkout

    • Insert All Your Awesome Info: Simply drag and drop, plug in the numbers, and add some key business details onto each slide. Feel free to customize colors, fonts, images, etc. to match your brand!

    • Analyze the Insights: Once you've added all that awesome info, you'll uncover things about your audience you hadn't known before! This is where the magic happens.

    • Put it Into Action: Take what you learned and put it into action! This is the most important step of the whole process. Without action, there won't be change.



    Keep up with your audience's journey and uncover ways to relate to them on a deeper level. Social media was created as a tool for us to connect. Nobody wants to be sold too. They want to be heard, understood, and find solutions to their problems. Uncover that and that's when you unlock a whole new level of social media marketing!

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