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Setting Social Media Goals
  • Setting Social Media Goals

    Let's talk about GOALS, baby!  We set fitness goals, nutrition goals, sales goals... So why aren't we setting social media goals? If you're ready to take your social media seriously, you'll need to set some SMART goals for yourself and/or your team.


    I get it, social media metrics can be overwhelming. There is SO MUCH data you can dive into which is enough to paralyze anyone. That is why I created this goals template to help you uncover what metrics you should be paying attention to so you can easily and quickly see if you're on track or not.



    The SWEET Stuff:


    • Audio Insights and Tips: "What metrics should I be focusing on?", "How do I set SMART goals?"... These are all questions I'll answer within the template through guided audio clips.
    • Define Your SMART Goals: SMART meaning specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Let's be real, "creating 5 viral videos in one month" is not a realistic goal. You have no control over that and honestly, it probably won't help your business that much either. Here I'll teach you and share examples on how to create SMART goals.
    • Keep a Pulse on Your Progress: Take 5 minutes to refer back weekly, monthly, quarterly... to keep your goals fresh in your mind and update your metrics. This way you can track your progress and make sure you're on track. It's easy to feel discouraged when it comes to social media, but I think you discover that after you start tracking you'll find you're making more progress than you thought!
    • Back-Up Your Decisions with Data: The numbers never lie. You might feel like a post was a dud, when actually that particular post drove 10 purchases that day! These are the fun things you'll uncover when you start tracking your data.



    The Story:


    Originally, I created these templates for internal use among our team to gain an edge and provide a better service for our clients. Our clients raved about the design and how much easier it was to navigate compared to the lengthy, boring presentations they had seen in the past. These were usually packed with a whole lot of data and info that meant nothing to them.  With that feedback, I thought "Hey! why don't we share these so more people can benefit from a more strategic social media approach without feeling overwhelmed by all that added, unnecessary fluff." 


    Like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I feel like our templates are "Just right!" for business owners tackling their own social media and social media managers looking to level up their services.



    Let's Get Started!


    • Click that yellow 'Download Now' button: Enter some info and checkout

    • Insert All Your Awesome Info: Simply drag and drop, plug in the numbers, and add some key business details onto each slide. Feel free to customize colors, fonts, images, etc. to match your brand!

    • Analyze the Insights: Once you've added all that awesome info, you'll uncover things about your social media efforts you hadn't seen before! This is where the magic happens.

    • Put it Into Action: Take what you learned and put it into action! This is the most important step of the whole process. Without action, there won't be change.



    It's time to start taking your social media more seriously. Start setting and tracking your goals and watch the magic happen!

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