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7 Not-So-Boring Graphics You Can Share on Christmas

Skip the stale "Merry Christmas" Canva graphics that everyone else is sharing and opt for one of our Canva templates! These fun GIFs feature classic Christmas scenes guaranteed to bring a smile to your audience or friends and family. Simply click the link below your favorite graphic and download as an MP4 Video or GIF. You're welcome to add your logo or Instagram name for a branded or personal touch if you'd like as well.

Before we get to the good stuff, if you don't already have a Canva account we suggest you create one now. If you already have an account, great! You can move past this next paragraph and dive right into finding your perfect Christmas social media post.

CLICK HERE to get started with Canva before you keep scrolling. You're going to need an account in order to download and customize any of the featured graphics below. If you've never heard of Canva, what it is is a totally free resource for creating awesome graphics for business or personal use. They offer easy-to-edit templates for social media posts, flyers, business cards, logos, and more. Canva is a game-changer! We're excited to be the ones to introduce you to this awesome resource. Happy creating!

Merry Christmas... Ya Filthy Animal

CLICK HERE to download or customize this easily recognizable scene from Home Alone with feminine Holiday flare.

You Go Glen Coco!

We couldn't miss an opportunity to share a scene from Mean Girls! Give all your followers a Candy Can Gram with this fun Holiday message. CLICK HERE to download.

All My Jingle Ladies... All My Jingle Ladies!

We know you sang along to this one ;). Calling all Queen B lovers, we have the perfect Christmas graphic for you! CLICK HERE to download our "All My Jingle Ladies" graphic featuring Beyonce.

OMG! Santa is Here!

Is it even Christmas if you haven't watched Elf? Grab your maple syrup and CLICK HERE to download this Holiday GIF featuring a clip from Elf and spread some Christmas cheer through your social media pages.

Christmas Dinner? I'll Make Room

It doesn't get much cuter than a dog in Christmas pajamas eating cereal! Remind your followers to save room for Christmas dinner with this short video graphic featuring an adorable pup, CLICK HERE.

Wishing You The Hap, Hap, Happiest Christmas

Featuring a clip from another one of my favorite Christmas movies, Christmas Vacation! I don't know about you and your family but this is one we absolutely have to watch every Christmas Day. CLICK HERE to share this graphic and wish your followers the Happiest Christmas.

We DOUBLE-DOG Dare You to Have the Best Christmas

The last one on our list (we had to stop somewhere) features a famous clip from another Christmas classic - A Christmas Story. CLICK HERE to download this GIF to double-dog your family and friends or customers to have the best Christmas, despite it being 2020 and the worst year and all...

We really could have created hundreds of these using different clips from all our favorite Christmas movies but we had to stop somewhere! If you didn't find one you liked but it inspired an idea, head to "GIPHY" under the Apps section in Canva and search their many GIFs to add to your own graphic.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (so ready for 2021) from Honeypot Social!

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