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A New Pinterest for Creators

Pinterest is known for being the source of all creative inspiration. On this platform, people are primarily looking for ideas, regardless of who posts them. However, Pinterest understands that it's the creators on social media apps that are what makes or breaks the app, so they're making efforts to encourage their creators to continue posting content.

Pinterest has added a “profiles” tab within their search engine, which shows creators relevant to the search query. This will further build the presence of creators on the platform and allow them to grow their personal brand recognition.

With TikTok and Instagram focusing their efforts on eCommerce, Pinterest is in need of a way to compete for influencers and creatives. Pinterest launched a Creator Fund in 2021 along with a Creator Rewards Program, both to incentivize their influencers.

The competition between social media platforms is heating up, I suspect we will see more changes as Pinterest continues to keep up with other platforms.

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