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Social Media Marketing for Businesses in the Wedding/Bridal Industry

If your business falls under the Wedding and Bridal category, this blog is for you! This is a niche industry, but at the same time can feel a bit oversaturated. Therefore, when it comes to social media marketing you have to find creative ways to stand out from your competition. Continue reading for our top 4 tips...

Let your clients do the talking

You already know your venue, business, or service related to the wedding industry is top-notch and you're already actively showcasing it on social media, that's great! But when your clients rave about your business, it has a much greater impact on a potential client. It is imperative that you ask for reviews on The Knot, Google, Facebook, and other relevant platforms. Get creative by resharing these reviews on Instagram and Facebook stories, story highlights on Instagram, and in-feed posts.

Styled Shoots

Help potential clients visualize what their special day could be like! Work with other vendors in the industry on a styled shoot that highlights each business. The great thing about these is that whenever another participating business posts content from this shoot, your business will be tagged and you will have more exposure. Participating in styled shoots shows a potential customer how your business can fit into their overall vision for their wedding day.

Make your DMs a priority

Checking your messages once a day on business days will prevent you from missing out on clients. Couples typically contact multiple vendors before making a decision, and a timely response demonstrates that you are a trustworthy vendor. You can set up automatic responses on Instagram and pre-answered questions on Facebook to save you some time, but do not rely on this too much. Be sure to check your “hidden requests” on Instagram, as they are not always spam.

Keep up with trends, hashtags, and general social media knowledge

You do not need to be an expert on social media, but spending some time each month learning what is new in the social media space can help you jump on the next wave quickly. Simply hashtagging #wedding will not do the trick. Spend some time researching relevant hashtags in your niche and local hashtags related to weddings. When a social media platform releases a new feature on their app, they typically push that content heavily. For example, when Instagram released the ability to reply to comments with a reel, accounts that used the feature early saw a significant increase in engagement. Do not be afraid to try out each new feature, you may see great results from it!

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