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Text on Instagram Reels Disappearing After Posting

Is the text on your Instagram Reels disappearing after you post? We recently discovered this is a common glitch on Instagram... And a super frustrating one! If you're like me, I find myself putting a lot of detail into the text on my Reels, from the copy and placement to timing it perfectly with the sound. For all that to disappear after you share, [insert hair-pulling moment!].

Here is what I did to fix the text disappearing on Instagram issue:

1. Go to delete the Reel you just shared and that was posted without text. Instead of pressing "delete" select "save to drafts".

2. Download the video and save it without the audio - you'll want to make sure you save the audio you used if you haven't already.

3. Don't forget to copy your caption! You don't want to have to start this one over from scratch either.

4. Upload the saved video to Instagram Reels and add your audio.

5. Paste your caption, adjust your cover photo, & post!

Here's a short video that guides you through these steps as well:

You can also eliminate a step by uploading the video as a new clip to the end of your original video and deleting all of the previous clips and text. This way your caption and any tags will still be there.

If you're experiencing this problem, I hope this helps! I found that Instagram was back to sharing my videos with the text as normal the next day.

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