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TikTok and Reel Trends to Try This Month - September 2022

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At the beginning of each week through the month of September, I'll update this blog post with 5 of the latest trends so you can save time browsing TikTok and Instagram searching for trending sounds and content ideas. I provide insight and creative ideas on how you can participate in the trend but still make it your own! To get a feel for what that looks like, check out July's blog - July 2022 Trends.

I encourage my readers to ALWAYS put their own spin on any trend to make sure whatever you're sharing is related to your industry or niche. Keep in mind who your target audience is and share content that is relevant to them.

Trends for the week of August 30 - September 5

What do I bring to the table?

"What do I bring to the table?", "Excellent question.", "I am the table." Lip sync to this sound and when the sound says, " I am the table" list out all the things that you or your biz bring to the table! This is a great opportunity to brag about yourself a bit and highlight what makes you stand out from others within your industry.

My mom says...

This trend is super easy! You literally just have to stand there, add text over the video that says "My mom says it's okay if we [insert something you do or help people with] if it's okay with your mom.", then add this sound!


If you're searching for an upbeat trending sound this is it! We love to see this sound over a fun, high-energy video of you sharing a workout, a project you're working on, or a look into your daily life in your niche... Have fun with this one!

Hit you with the blink

While most of these videos are about bringing your boyfriend or bestie along, here's how I see it being used in biz... Who's someone you lean on or who helps you out within your business? Maybe it's a partner, an employee, or even your significant other! I think this would be a fun trend to give them a shoutout. For example, you could add text along the lines of "'How do you do it all by yourself?'", followed by something like "I don't! I have [insert name or role] helping me out bts!"


We all know and love this theme song - the intro to FRIENDS! Hop on this opportunity to show off your team, a group of creatives you work with, or other people in your niche (community > competition vibe).

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