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Tips on How to Succeed at Influencer Marketing in 2022

Influencer marketing is nothing new as we move into 2022. In fact, it is one of the most influential tools for businesses and marketers to use to engage and build their audience.

If you’ve thought about taking that leap into influencer marketing, here are

some of my top tips that will help you get started!

Ensure that you’re reaching out to influencers that fit your niche!

By this I mean, make sure that the creator you’re reaching out to to use your product or service actually has an interest in that industry. For example, if you’re a beauty brand, you have a better chance of working with someone in the beauty realm rather than a travel influencer. There’s a better chance of them working with you, they’ll be eager to use and learn about your product or service, and that will clearly translate with both their followers and your own. I’m not saying don’t think outside of the box and find a diverse group of influencers, but if you’re just starting out in influencer marketing, this is a good guideline to follow in the beginning. This is also a good way to know that your product or service will resonate with the influencer's audience and not just your own.

Instead of focusing on the follower count, focus on quality over quantity.

Just because someone has over 20k followers and fits your niche doesn’t completely mean they’d be a good fit for you. Instead of that follower number, focus on these things instead:

Their engagement with the followers they do have. (engagement per post) Someone with 5k followers could have more engagement than someone with 30k. Meaning they keep their followers intrigued and have a good relationship with them.

They post high-quality content. The best way to look at this is, would you repost their content to your social media page?

Do they have a positive impact on their followers? Or would they have a positive impact on your influencer campaign?

Individualize your pitch!

When you go to reach out to the influencers, something that I’ve noticed gets a better response rate is personalizing their message. Instead of sending the same message to 50 different people, change it up a bit. I know this can be time-consuming but it helps set you apart from all the other messages they receive daily. Describe specific reasons why you decided to reach out to them, compliment something different they’re doing on social media, or why you think they’d like your product or service. Keep it in the form of having a conversation, and building a friendly relationship with them. A lot of times we tend to focus on explaining who we are as a brand and what our product/service is. Keep most of the initial message focused on the influencer and then it will open up for you to talk into further detail about everything else.

I hope you found these tips helpful! What are your thoughts on influencer marketing in 2022? Do you have any tips on standing out in the Instagram DM’s? Or, sticking out in the sea of Emails influencers get a day? Let us know in the comments below!

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