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What You Need to Know About Pinterest Marketing 2022

It’s no secret that Pinterest is widely known as “the search engine” of the social media platforms. Most of the time when people want inspiration or to simply find something, Pinterest is the platform they utilize. Because Pinterest is a “search engine”, this means it can have tremendous success for your business IF you know how to utilize the platform correctly.

Pinterest can drive organic traffic to your website, increase your conversions, and overall gain a new audience if it happens to appear higher in search results. However, mastering a Pinterest strategy is not an easy feat. It takes time to research and learn how to best utilize the platform.

Pinterest Pins

Let's start off with the basics - a pin. What is a Pinterest pin you may ask? This is when a user saves an image, graphic, or video to their account. A pin should always contain a link to its original source, whether that be a business website, another social media platform, or even a blog. Your pin being saved to boards is a guarantee that the user has clicked or will be clicking on the external link.

Pinterest Boards

Next, we have Pinterest boards. Boards are designed to organize and house similar pins together. For example, you can have a wedding inspo board, a home decor board, or even a bucket list destinations board. Board possibilities are endless and as a business, users can easily see what products or services you offer.

Pinterest Feed

The last of the basics is a Pinterest feed. This is similar to other platforms where it displays all of the pins from profiles you follow, any paid advertising pins as well as pins the algorithm may think you like. This is your home page and often where people will search for what they are looking for.

Pinterest Marketing Best Practices

Now that we have covered the basics, here are some marketing best practices so you can get the most out of Pinterest this year.

Driving Traffic to your Website

Driving traffic to your business/website is the most important thing you can do on the platform. If you are pinning pins and not having an external link leading back to your preferred destination, you won’t get anywhere. Having a link helps the chances of increasing your traffic, making conversions, and even leaving the opportunity for the page to be revisited if they need to refer to the content again. It will also increase the chances that your pin will get pinned to their board and your content can reach their following as well. Overall, having a link should be a #1 priority.

Research Trends

Like any other social media platform, keeping up with trends on Pinterest is important too. Set aside time to do some research and focus on what is trending within your related category. The point isn’t to just hop on any trend but rather to focus on the ones that make sense within your type of content.

Keyword Research

Perhaps what may be the most important feature besides having a link on Pinterest is utilizing keywords. Keywords are incredibly important so that people can find your content. While doing your trend research, compile a list of keywords that are fitting for your business. People discover most pins by putting keywords into the search bar, which means you have to optimize your pins if you want to be found!

One easy way to do keyword research is to simply just type the words/phrases you want to target and see what other suggestions pop up. Once you have come up with a list, you can include them within your pin description, title, and as hashtags.


Hashtags go into the Pin description, along with the Board description. The first few hashtags are clickable and visible in the feed! Use a mix of super-focused hashtags and more broad ones. Test these out and adjust according to your results. A simple way to do this is similar to keyword searching. Search the hashtags you want to use and see what competitors are using in their pins.

Utilize Different Types of Pins to your Advantage

Pinterest has a few different types of pins and you should always be strategic with which ones you choose. There is of course the most common which is a regular pin. These are usually photos or videos displaying products, locations, text, etc... There are also idea pins (formerly known as story pins), which follow a format similar to IG stories. These pins are video format and the possibilities are endless with the type of content you can post. I suggest trying to post your TikToks as idea pins if it makes sense on your Pinterest (just make sure you remove the watermark)! Spend some time learning the difference between the types of pins and then use them in your marketing strategy.

Pinterest is a game-changer for businesses. Being successful on the platform is going to take research and time! By using the above methods, you are already on your way to developing a marketing strategy for the platform. Let us know any other Pinterest tips you may have in the comments below!

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