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Crafting a Cohesive Brand Presence Across Social Platforms

Brand loyalty speaks volumes in today's day and age. You can learn a lot about a brand by how loyal its consumers are; a huge part of this loyalty comes from brand consistency. Brand consistency is always delivering messages aligned with brand values, logos presented similarly, and repetitive use of brand colors. After a while, these elements become ingrained and easily recognizable by your consumers.

Crafting a Cohesive Brand Presence Across Social Platforms

Social Media is All About Trust

Brands must establish accountability while also being vulnerable and authentic. Brands trust their information reaches their target audience, and consumers trust all the information provided is accurate. The foundation of this trust is brand consistency. If your accounts aren’t consistent with each other it can confuse your target audience. Each account should have the same profile picture, logos, messaging, and visual elements. How else can we apply brand consistency to social media?

Creating that Dream Social Media Aesthetic

When making graphics keep all the colors and elements the same. Don’t reuse the same graphic for every post, but make sure they flow together and create a cohesive look. Creating a brand aesthetic is a big part of social media branding since it’s what draws people into your brand. People spend lots of time scrolling through a brand's social media page without clicking on individual posts. You want to be able to pique their interest through your content and make them read and interact with the individual posts. 

The aesthetic should also come across in the content you get. Once you figure out what kind of content your target audience enjoys stick with it. Ideally, you would have a mixture of different styles of content, but this isn’t always the case. The good news is your followers will let you know the content they prefer and once you have that dialed in it’s easy to stay consistent. Brand consistency also applies to photo edits. Presets aren’t as popular anymore, but if your brand is using one make sure it’s being used consistently. Every picture should have the same edits so everything flows cohesively. 

Consistency with Engagement

Consistency doesn’t just apply to the physical appearance of your brand, it’s also important with engagement. When developing your brand you’ll know what tone and vibe you want to put out. When responding to comments, DMS, or interacting with your target audience, the tone of voice should be the same across the board. If your brand is more on the sarcastic and funny side that should come across in the way you are interacting with consumers. Make sure your interactions also come off in a friendly way so you aren’t turning away consumers from your products, but you can still have fun with the tone and wording. 

Align Marketing Campaigns with Your Brand

You can notice brand consistency in many popular brands such as Wendy’s, Starbucks, Chilis, Nike, and more. These brands have great marketing campaigns, and they bring these campaigns to their social media platforms as well. It is important to bring all concepts of your branding back to your social media accounts. If you just launched a commercial you should run it as a social media ad or post a snippet of the video to your profiles. It’s important to treat your social media accounts as an extension of your brand and not just something you’re required to have. It’s obvious when a brand neglects its social media profiles and it reflects poorly on them because it gives off the impression they don’t care about their followers. 

Keep Branding Consistent

Once your brand is established stick with it. Many brands want to go through a rebrand every year, but that causes more harm than good in the long run. This is why consistent branding is so important since your followers know exactly what to expect from you. I do understand sometimes brands need to be revamped occasionally. If you feel the need to rebrand keep all these tips in mind and ask yourself if you can consistently provide for your brand with new elements. Brand consistency doesn’t need to be complicated. At the end of the day, it boils down to creating a brand where you can be authentic in all aspects. 

What strategies do you intend to use to maintain brand consistency across your social media profiles?

The first best step to creating a memorable, cohesive brand on social media is to establish a content strategy. Outline your branding, determine a consistent posting strategy, and start building trust with your audience. CLICK HERE to grab our content strategy and branding template.


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