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How to Find Trending Instagram Reel Audios Quickly

Sometimes the hardest part of creating a reel is finding just the right trending audio to pair with it. Stop endlessly scrolling looking for the perfect choice, and use these four tips to quickly find trending audios for reels.

How to Find Trending Instagram Reel Audios

1. Go Directly Through Reels

From your Instagram home page, swipe left like you’re going to post a story, then select “REEL” from the bottom list. From there you can hit the music note icon on the left side of the screen. Here, you’ll be able to see a selection of “for you” audio, original audio, and audio categories.

While scrolling through, look for a small arrow pointing up to the right. This is how Instagram marks an audio as trending, and means it’s a great one to use!

The original audio section is the best option for Instagram business profiles, as all of the audios listed are available to use without copyright issues. They can sometimes include snippets or remixes of currently trending songs you otherwise would not have access to as a business profile.

2. Follow @Creators for the Reels Trend Report

The Creators account by Instagram gives a Reels Trend Report every Friday. This includes trending audios, memes, formats, and more to easily reference. In addition to the weekly Reels reports, this page and @InstagramForBusiness are fantastic to follow to stay up to date with all features and updates on Instagram.

3. Spotify Playlists

Viral Hits and Big on The Internet playlists by Spotify are the best ones to scroll through and find a trending song that matches your reel or TikTok. They are both kept very up-to-date with the most recent trending songs and cover a wide variety of genres to match any branding.

You can get ahead of the curve with the Official Trending Chart playlist by the U.K. Official Charts Company. This short list of 20 songs is frequently updated with songs the company believes will be the next trending hits, and has a stated 80% accuracy rate of predicting hits. At the time of writing, 11 out of the 20 songs of the playlist were currently trending on Instagram.

4. Save Audios by Content Pillars

While it might be easy to simply hit the “save” button anytime you’re scrolling and hear an audio you like, take an extra second to save the reel itself to a categorized folder. These folders should be labeled with content pillars for your reels. This way you can easily go back and find an audio you know you saved, without having to scroll through and play all of them!

Save this post for the next time you need to find a trending audio!

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