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Social Media Metrics to Track: 2024

In 2024 it's not just about likes and shares anymore – it's about diving deep into the metrics that truly matter.

Social Media Metrics to Track: 2024

Tracking Authentic Interactions

Sure, you've been measuring likes and comments, but have you considered the quality of those interactions? It's time to shift focus to engagement which factors in not just the volume but the authenticity of engagements. Think meaningful conversations, genuine connections, and interactions that go beyond a simple double-tap.

Example: If your post receives 100 comments, but they're all generic emojis and "Nice pic!" comments, your engagement rate may be higher in quantity but lower in quality. Try asking more thoughtful questions and encouraging conversation and discussions within the comments.

Conversion Per Impression (CPI): Uncover what content is driving conversions

Today, it's all about understanding the actual impact your content has on driving conversions. Enter Conversion Per Impression (CPI), a metric that reveals the number of conversions generated per impression. This metric is a game-changer for e-commerce brands and those with specific conversion-oriented goals.

Example: If your sponsored post garners 10,000 impressions and leads to 50 product purchases, your CPI is 0.005 (50/10,000). This provides a more direct correlation between impressions and actual conversions.

Sentiment Analysis: Guage how audiences feel about your content

Numbers only tell part of the story. Brands are now leveraging sentiment analysis to gauge how audiences feel about their content. Positive sentiment can lead to brand loyalty, while negative sentiment can be a red flag. Dive into sentiment analysis tools to understand the emotional impact of your campaigns. Check out HubSpot's list: The Best 15 Sentiment Analysis Tools in 2024. These tools allow you to track what people are saying about your brand or campaign online without a tag or mention.

Example: If your latest product launch receives overwhelmingly positive comments and mentions, your sentiment analysis will reflect the positive vibes surrounding your brand.

Share of Voice (SOV): How much your brand is mentioned in conversation

It's not just about what you say; it's about how much your brand is mentioned in conversation. Share of Voice (SOV) measures the percentage of brand mentions compared to your competitors. It's a vital metric for understanding your brand's visibility and influence within your niche.

Example: If your brand is mentioned 300 times in a month, and your competitors receive a total of 500 mentions, your SOV is 37.5% (300/800). This insight helps you strategically position your brand for a more significant impact.

Video Completion Rate (VCR): Percentage of viewers who watch your video content from start to finish

Video content is booming, but not all views are created equal. Video Completion Rate (VCR), measures the percentage of viewers who watch your video content from start to finish. This metric is invaluable for refining your video strategy and ensuring your message resonates with your audience.

Example: If your video receives 1,000 views and 700 viewers watch it to completion, your VCR is 70% (700/1,000). High VCR indicates compelling content that retains viewer interest.

Not all of these metrics will make sense to track for you and your business. It can be overwhelming to track ALL of these metrics. If you overwhelm yourself or your team with too many metrics it could have the opposite effect. Focus on the data that will help you make strategic decisions and drive your business forward!

Prepare and start tracking your social media goals using our Goals Template. Social media metrics can be overwhelming. There is SO MUCH data you can dive into which is enough to paralyze anyone. That is why we created the goals template to help you uncover what metrics you should be paying attention to so you can easily and quickly see if you're on track or not. CLICK HERE to get started.


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